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Be Happy Anyway
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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Vicarious Living

Once before in this blog, I talked about living vicariously through my daughter. I am not afraid to admit it. Well, here is one more thing my daughter can do that I never did. I won't say "I couldn't do" since it never came up when I was a child. My brother is the golfer in the family, but I was already out of the house when he picked up this past time. I on the other hand was an avid miniature golfer thanks to our church's youth groups effort to find us family friendly fun.

Well, here are the latest photos from Golf Camp.

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Andre Rodriguez said...

I haven't played golf in years. I miss it though. I've been eying a new set of clubs and have been contemplating hitting the driving range again.
Picked up golf in eighth grade because I couldn't play football anymore. My football career was short-lived and cut short after breaking bones twice during the off season.
When I was in prep school, my friends and I went golfing and got lost on the course and ended up cutting off Brigadier General Ruben A. Cubero, USAFA's dean of faculty, who was very nice about explaining the layout of the course.
I shared an apartment at SFA with a golf fanatic. He ended up leaving school to become a golf pro. Needless to say we played a lot of golf. We both worked at Crown Colony Country Club, the No. 2 ranked course in Texas at the time.
Haven't really played much golf in 10 years or more. Like I said, I miss it.

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