Be Happy Anyway

Be Happy Anyway
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Unique Sense of Style

...That's what I love about my creative girl. She is smart and funny and pretty. But most of all, she's unique.

When I was in high school, we would have special dress up days where you wore kooky clothes or dressed to a theme. I was so unsure of myself back then that, often, I would take the kooky outfit in my bag and change at school when I saw that everyone else was doing it, too.

But Caitlin?? Not this girl. She goes all out. I wish I had the sense to photograph them all but you will have to settle for two.

Back in October, the school had a special day to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. If they paid a dollar they could wear a hat and then one of the clubs sold pink accessories, but you could also win a prize if you were dressed in the most pink.
Can you believe she didn't win? Her pink shoes were still on the moving van.

Then, this week, the band had their annual banquet. Now don't start dreaming of ball gowns and tuxedos. The band director told the kids it was a casual event. She wanted them to wear things that they wore on their trip to Disney World last month. Imagine my surprise. So Cait came downstairs in cargo shorts. I sent her back up to change, but then had a change of heart and did what I normally would have done as a teenager - I called another mom.
Hello, Marie? It's Annemarie. Caitlin's mom. What is your daughter wearing to the banquet? Oh really? OK. *End Call*
So that's how it went. And I ate crow and sent Cait back up to change again into what she was wearing in the first place. And I must admit, she looked pretty cute. (I know it isn't THAT kooky.)
 The rest of the evening was fun. We sat with her girlfriends and I rolled my eyes at their teenage antics, but she had fun. And that's what matters I guess.

When the evening wound to a close, they showed the requisite tearjerker of a slideshow. That's when I realized how much Caitlin was going to miss those friends of hers.

I feel bad for moving her away from them, but with the benefit of Skype, instant messaging and Face Time, she won't be at a loss for contact with them.

Today's Music Note: (I know you have missed those) This song - Perfect Star/Perfect Style is sung by Japanese girl band Perfume. I chose this because of Cait's love of all things Japanese and Anime. 
Japanese Lyrics / English Lyrics

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Time Has Come say farewell to Missouri.

As of June 1, The kids and I will be back in Texas if everything goes as planned. Do I have a job? No. Unfortunately, things were to to the point that I couldn't stay here anymore. My husband I are separating. My job cut my hours. I wanted to get a job in Texas before I left, but time was running short. Caitlin wants to dance at her old dance school and dance camp starts in the beginning of June. If the kids and I are to find a place to live before then, we have to leave soon. So, June 1st it is.

I will keep you all informed of our progress. In the meantime, enjoy my little farewell song.
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