Be Happy Anyway

Be Happy Anyway
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Getting Techie with Our Words!

As you arrive to my blog you might be hearing a song I learned as a little girl. Life is a process. One I don't have to do alone. Through the power of God's hands and with a little help from some very special friends, I started on a journey of living a more disciplined life.

This month my friends and I have decided to post videos for our words. Some of us have found YouTube videos to represent our words while I created my own. So hit the stop button on the playlist and enjoy a few videos.

Moody Blues - Balance

Octamom has sent us an Excellent video.

"This is Kari Jobe, a really sweet girl who is dear friends with some of my dear friends. She has a gorgeous song out called I'm Singing and she had viewers add their experiences and included them in the video--and the result is just 'excellent'--really amazing people continuing to walk with joy, even in the midst of some tough times--"

Roban said...
"When I thought of a video to express some of my thoughts on faith and joy, I immediately thought of the artist Akiane Kramarik. Her art comes from her faith, and her paintings fill me with joy and awe."

AVTCoach shares Abundance with us with this video clip...

Well folks...having technical difficulties please go to AVTCoach's site for the video.

I am so happy that we have continued to share this journey together. There are only three more months in this year. For someone who can be a total flaker, I am glad to say that I have found some discipline through it all. It's good to know that I don't have to be perfect.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Makings of a Future Photographer

Anytime my camera is left around, my son leaves me little photo presents. Yesterday was no different. I was working on a future post and was uploading photos. There they were, windows to my son's thoughts.

I decided to make a collage of his work. It it's best viewed by clicking on it.
1-6 Are various self portraits. I am just thankful he hasn't been more experimental in this area of photography.

7-9 His attempt at impressionism while taking pictures of his dog. I love the play of light and shadow.

10 & 15 and 11 & 12 His take on different perspectives.

13 Showing how he can write his name.

14 Aerial shots of some cars. (Please ignore carpet and enjoy the minimalism of the subject.)

Thanks for visiting. I figured I would post his work now so that when he is famous you can say, "I knew him when."

Friday, September 25, 2009

Look at What My Neighbor Brought Me

I have been blessed by having a very wonderful neighbor. She and I have been coffee house buddies for years now. We wave most mornings, some afternoons and occasionally even remember to call each other. Despite the casual appearance of our relationship, she knows how to make me smile.

A few months back I made collage for one of monthly posts. When I finished it, I took it over to her house to show her because she is my artistic inspiration. She is not afraid to express her thought unlike me who likes to keep things superficial at times.

Today I came home to find an interesting box.When I opened it, I first found this.

After removing the top layer, I found this.

Yep, paper goodness!

There was even some of her trial pieces. I love these.

I can't wait to make some more mini albums and journals for Christmas.

I will apologize to my husband now for any half started projects he may find on the dinner table.

Friday, September 18, 2009


My husband and I have never been sticklers for bedtime routines. As a result, for years, we had to finagle our son to bed by letting him come watch t.v. with us until he went to sleep. Gary would then carry James to bed. (I always wondered if James was dismayed to find himself in his own bed every morning.) This was okay until Gary went away for almost six months. Then I was the one who had to lug the four year old who was as big as a six year old across the house to his bed. After one attempt, I left him there.

Gary finally got James into a good routine. It started with allowing him to watch t.v. with us until a set time. At that time, Gary would carry James, piggyback style, to his room and get him to go to sleep. Pretty soon we were able to just say bedtime, and James would go peacefully to his own bed without t.v. time. I would be enjoying the peace, quiet and extra space when the sound of little feet would come scurrying into my room. James decided he needed a kiss.

This was fine by me. No work for me, Gary doing all the work. Lately, however, James began asking me to put him to bed. Somewhere along the way, he learned about bedtime stories and nursery rhymes. (Who taught him about this? I have my suspicions.)

Yesterday, he wanted me to sing him 5 songs. I told him one. He said, "Four!" So now he's a negotiator?? I got it wheedled down to two songs, but only with the promise of four songs the next night.

So, tonight, I had to sing four songs. If you have been here before, you may have read about my son's speech issues. It is funny to hear him tell me which songs he wants. He has his own names for each one. My favorite is "Wicky Whacky Picky Packy." Can you tell what that is? It's "Nick Nack Paddy Whack," better known as "This Old Man." When we sing these songs, I like to change up the rhymes from time to time. He hates it. He makes me re-sing it the correct way.

The next element to my son's routine is saying, "Goodnight." I have to say, "Goodnight" and give him a kiss. Then I have to give him a hug. The final step used to be a high-five. In his effort to delay his bedtime, James has changed up the Goodnight choreography. It goes like this:
  • Goodnight, James, I love you.
  • I love you, too, Mommy
  • Kiss
  • Hug
  • Fists
  • Touch index fingers and say, "Doot." (Something from my childhood.)
  • Touch 2 fingers and repeat the above.
  • High-Five
On the inside I am laughing because I predicted that tonight he was going to add three fingers. I was correct. I told him that High-Five was enough, and he conceded.

The best part about tonight was when I was leaving his room. Now remember, this is the boy who didn't say anything but nonesense even at age 3. I was walking out of the room and turning off the light when I heard James say, "Mom, your hilarious."

Suddenly it was all worth it.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

This is Your Kitchen Calling

Hello, Annemarie. It has been so long since you have visited. We were wondering what we had done to prevent you from returning. What ever it is, we would like to make it up to you.

We know we aren't the latest in kitchen trends. Sometimes we burn your food or don't cook them fast enough. But that is no reason to completely turn your back on us for going on six months now.

Stop on by. We will give you a refresher course. In fact we can start right now.
You see this? This is called a STOVE. You use him to boil water, cook eggs, and bake cookies. Yes he did come with the house when it was built in the 1980s. Shoot! You could almost call him vintage.
These are POTS and PANS. You put the food in them so that they don't fall through the burners when you go to cook them. Don't you remember when you got them? You had just moved out of your childhood friend's apartment when she decided she needed a permanent male roommate. She bought them maybe as a consolation prize/apartment warming present. They were the top of the line from QVC - guaranteed never to stick as long as you didn't use a fork to stir your rice. Did you remember that little rule? Of course not. So is it their fault that the rice sticks to the bottom when you used to cook? We think not!

We promise, if you come back that we will do our best to stay the proper temperature and provide you the best service that a 20 year old kitchen can provide.

Once you get reacquainted with us, we will reintroduce you to the Laundry Room.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Drive-by Photography and Other Randomness

I have a really bad habit of taking pictures when driving. I see things. Don't have time to stop. (You all know I am always on the run.) Sometimes I am fortunate enough to be the passenger, but usually I just have to hold the camera, point in the general direction of my intended subject and pray for the best. Sometimes I get something good. Sometimes, not so much.

Let's start with the oldest drive-by photo on my memory card.I guess this one isn't a drive BY but a "drive TOWARD" photo. It was something I saw on the way from dance class. I just pulled out the camera and clicked while paying attention to the other drivers and just hoped for the best.
This one I was in the passenger's seat. I was fascinated by the rider's hair, but I didn't want him to know, so I didn't roll down the window.

Now these next two are of two men that intrigued me yesterday. I always wonder what drives people to feel they need to share their message in this fashion. I am all for free speech and I have no objection to the message whatsoever. The problems with what I see here are many-fold.
  1. To whom is the message being directed? This is a motorway. There are few pedestrians aside from the poor man who is trying to get his cash from the ATM, and he doesn't appeared to be fazed by this man's shouting.
  2. Who are these people? There were no signs informing us where they came from. What if I was truly interested in taking action after reading his signs. If I am driving by at 40 miles per hour, I am probably not going to be able to stop and ask.
  3. What did they hope to accomplish? Do people truly repent by hearing a man yelling on a corner something that can't be heard over the hum of the engine, the crying of the child in the back seat and stereo blasting the latest Wiggles CD? How will they know they have accomplished their goal? There is no way to take a survey of the people who have passed by that intersection by happenstance.
Upon passing these two men in the intersection, James said, "That was weird." Then he wrapped it up with, "Well, Mr. Alden (his dance teacher) is NOT going to talk about THAT!"

It's nice to know I am not the only one with these thoughts running through their heads, even if it is my four year old.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Maybe We All Need a Conk On the Head Once In Awhile

The other day I got a call from my daughter's school nurse telling me that Caitlin had fallen during a science activity and hit her head. She of course prefaced it with, "Everything is all right, but I need to let you know that your daughter is in the nurse's office." Well, doesn't that just send your head spinning. After she explained the circumstances of the accident, and I spoke with Caitlin, I decided everything was going to be fine and I went on with my day, picking her up, however, so she didn't have to ride the bus.

Ever since then, she has gotten her homework done without having to be reminded. I asked her what she was doing yesterday, and she said that she was cleaning her room! What?? In my mind I expected it to be her usual room cleaning where she sees the difference, and you only notice that instead of three glasses on the dresser there are only two but not this time. I went in, and her bed was made, the floor was clear, the dresser was bare, the bookcases were organized. Needless to say I was more than a little surprised.

Now I am wishing someone would conk me on the head. Maybe I could finally get my house cleaning done.
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