Be Happy Anyway

Be Happy Anyway
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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Making Progress

I didn't take before photos because  I never thought this place could better, but it has. When I moved in, there were so many boxes. My friends teased me about how many boxes I had labeled "glassware." Come to find out, the movers don't distinguish between glassware, pyrex, LeCruset, ceramics, or china so I had to open each box and decide if it would be unloaded or put in the laundry room. Unfortunately, by the time I had reached certain boxes, my strong arms had left and I couldn't push them into the laundry room because the washer was now in the way. Sooooo, they sat in the middle of my kitchen...until yesterday when the strong arms returned to help. My kitchen is finally wide open and it is very big.

We also managed to get the remaining mini blinds hung, and found a way to hook up the ancient tv to the wii, dvd/vcr and cable box all at one time. (My cable guy was no help. Thanks Time Warner Cable.)

Having an open kitchen makes me want to use it more so here is today's creation:

If you have ever made spanakopita, you know how difficult it is. I am certainly no pastry expert so it is one thing that has remained off my to do list in the kitchen. Yesterday, however, I saw on Parents Magazine's site a simpler way to enjoy the flavors of feta and spinach together. Make it into a spanakopadilla. But, I made it easier. I used the tomato basil feta so I didn't have to add garlic and the other ingredients and frozen spinach that I defrosted in a colander. I layered them on a whole wheat tortilla in a small skillet.When the bottom was browned, I flipped it over. (That was challenging.) I cooked the other side, cut it in half, layered the left half on the right half and cut it again and in 10 minutes including prep time I had two perfect pieces of spanakopadilla. To make it even better you could put more spinach between the left and right halves since they are already warm. They should melt well together. You could even make this in a casserole dish with several tortillas and put it in the oven, but I like how toasty the layers are this way. This one has fewer calories than the Parents version as well.

I am slowly coming around to surviving in the house without dread...although now I have a visitor in my attic.
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