Be Happy Anyway

Be Happy Anyway
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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve Crafting & Christmas Day

We had fun last night turning ice cream cones into Christmas trees. James probably put more frosting in his tummy than on the cone.

Caitlin was very meticulous where she wanted here colored sugar.

The results can be seen below:

These are the two that went to Santa with bottled water. We always have to do things a little different around here. Especially when mommy forgot to buy milk.

Christmas Day we opened presents at home and then went to Nanny's for a late lunch. After lunch, James passed out in the arm chair watching Sponge Bob Squarepants.

Gramma gave Cait a new iPod Shuffle to replace the one that was stolen on the school bus. Cait was ecstatic! (Don't ask what she was doing bringing her iPod AND Nintendo DS (also stolen) on the bus. We still don't know. Gramma was a softy and replaced both of them!
Gramma was excited to receive her Scrapblog book and calendar.

Nanny (Aunt Rose) is looking spiffy in her favorite rose decorated outfit.

We enjoyed our time together. I hope you had a great time with your holiday plans.


Fly Girl said...

What great pictures of your family's get-together. And the Christmas Tree cones are so cute! We'll have to try that next year.

I saw the scrapblog book! How exciting was that to have it come to life as a real book?! I bet she was thrilled. Is it one I can go back and look at on scrapblog?

I hope you enjoy the next week and can relax before school starts back! Take care,


MJ said...

Thanks for your suggestions. I checked them out ~ I've heard of the Container Store but we don't have one in Canada. The closest is Minnesota which is at least a day drive away! Ikea is here but the closest is a mere 8 hours drive away (one-way) too! I might have to look at purchasing brackets online and trying to get the shelves somehow locally so that I'm not paying outrageous amounts for s/h!

avtcoach said...

I love your Christmas pictures and those tree goodies are a great idea! I'll be sharing that one with the girls at work who run our preschool. They can put that one one the list for next year. I also love the scrapblog photos posted Christmas Eve. I plan to do more scrapblogging in 2009 and I hope soon to look at your scrapblogs and miruspegs. I have not had a chance to do that and I am looking forward to it!! Enjoy the time off!

avtcoach said...

Also, I want to email you, will you send me your email to my email address?

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