Be Happy Anyway

Be Happy Anyway
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Friday, December 24, 2010

No texting while driving was done in the sending of this post.

Yet another cell phone post from western front. I could wax Quixotic about the joys of Christmas. Instead I will share this lovely photo.
One could take this downpour many ways, so I will quickly share with you where my mind went this Christmas Eve.
It started pouring like crazy while I was grocery shopping so immediately I began thinking how I was going to get to my car. At first I was annoyed. Then I found a place in HEB to wait out the storm rather than crowd with the other frightened rats on the front porch. When the rain slowed, I ran to the front to the checkout to get out before the rain came back but it was no use. The deluge began again. This left me with the drowned rats.
That's when I saw humanity in action. A woman with an umbrella saw a man with a cart and offered to walk him to his car. It made me smile. Kindness in the midst of chaos. So as I sit in traffic in the pouring rain, I watch the rain refresh the land and bring cheer to someone - all because of an umbrella.

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NaehVision said...

Merry Christmas!


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