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Be Happy Anyway
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Part 1

Quick! Take a read before my husband finds me on his laptop. :-)
I took some pics and videos yesterday and today, so here goes...

This kid is the goofiest kid ever, not that this is news to most of you.

We were hanging out at my mom's house last night and started our new "tradition" of KFC for Christmas Eve dinner. Really mom was too cold to go to church and didn't feel like cooking so Andre suggested we have KFC instead. (Who knows? It might catch on.) We then played an old game I found in my childhood bedroom closet.

After finally convincing James that Santa won't bring presents to boys that don't sleep in their own beds, Gary and I got to wrapping. And let's not get into the argument of whether Santa wraps presents. The point is moot.

This morning, oddly enough, the kids didn't get up until 8:3o even with the tv on and Gary and I talking in the living. It was kind of nice. Finally, they woke up and emptied their newly made stockings to find chocolates, oranges and mini gifts like kaleidescopes, harmonicas and puzzles.

James, trying to figure out what he got

Each kid got one present from their wish list and Caitlin got some long needed dance clothes. I had wrapped up new mugs with hot cocoa mix and marshmallows for them to have with the long awaited gingerbread house.

And while James entertained us with his harmonica melodies, we watched The Christmas Story.

This afternoon we will go over to my Aunt Rose's house and open more presents and eat some yummy food. I am sure there will be more pictures to share.

Just don't tell my husband.


Rieni said...

have a wonderfull christmas with your family!!!

Anonymous said...

Merry, merry Christmas Annemarie!!!!

Shell said...

funny, we were serenaded with a harmonica as well for christmas, only it was by my husband.

Jeanet said...

Gorgeous photo's Annemarie! Love the video's, those harmonica melodies sounds cool!

MJ said...

KFC for Xmas eve sounds perfect! It's a great way to relieve the cook of obligations! Sounds like you all had a great time!

Hilde Iren said...

Hi :)
great reading, sounds like you had a wonderful day!!

Im curious, when is your birthday? we are soon off skiing, me for the first time in 20 (!) years so I hope I dont brake anything...
Hilde Iren :)

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