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Be Happy Anyway
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's December!!!

Although I love fall, I have decided that December is my favorite month and since fall doesn't officially start for a couple of weeks December still lands under the autumn category, especially in Texas. The leaves are just now changing color and falling from the trees. My poor son is dying to live where we can pile up leaves and he can jump in them. I don't think our new townhouse in Kansas City has any trees, so he will have to wait a little bit longer until we get a house. I will have to make sure it has lots of trees with leaves that fall off. (Note to self: Tell husband to buy a rake.)

This morning is just beautiful. The sun is streaming through my large picture window in the living room. Even though it reminds me that I should get outside and clean off the dog prints, it brings a smile to my face. The wind is strong enough to wave the branches of the strange little ash tree out front but not so bad that you want to stay inside. I was talking to a girl last night who moved here from Michigan last year and she commented on how surprised she was of the amount of wind there was last winter. When I asked if it was along the lines of a Chicago wind, she agreed. It kinda made me smile because most people who live up north snub their noses at how we complain about the cold here in Texas. Granted, we get very little snow. However, considering that we spend three months of the year approaching the 100°F, our 20° to 30° is pretty unbearable to us and add the aforementioned wind you have some pretty unbearable weather, at least for us Texans.

Regardless of the cold, I look forward to December because my profession allows me 2 weeks off each year. I get paid early to cover Christmas presents. AND most importantly, this year my brother gets to come visit for a good portion of the break. I can't wait!

This December I plan on taking a least one memorable photo a day. Some of my friends are doing a daily journal or scrapbook page, but I won't be so bold as to say I will do that. Maybe when I am done with December, I can gather all the photos and make one mini album like this or this, but certainly not as much work as THIS. Maybe more like this. Simple, to the point, photo with journaling. I can't do anything that adds more stress to my life, no matter how fun it appears.

So here are the two photos that begin my month. (Yes, I know it's the fourth, but I didn't start until the second and today is not over, yet.)
From the "Cozy Christmas Coffee" at church. Table decorated by Leslie Petty. Cup made by her daughter.

Me, headed to our staff Christmas part. Had some fun editing and Picnking it.

Well, I hope you are all enjoying your December. I will be back tomorrow with one or two more photos for my December Daily.


Anonymous said...

We had lots of snow and cold, freezing snowstorms here last week... the leaves falling off is in the past, it's winter! I love the photo of you! And now, I'm going to jump to all the 'this'es you mention in your post!

Anonymous said...

PS. I like the last 'this' the most!

Andre Rodriguez said...

It's currently 27 and lightly snowing here. It's supposed to snow throughout the day and into tomorrow morning. A great day for reading.

Andre Rodriguez said...

And for those of you who do not read Webdings, my sister's last paragraph should read:
"Well, I hope you are all enjoying your December. I will be back tomorrow with one or two more photos for my December Daily."

Rieni said...

I love the photo of the cupcake, and it is still freezing cold overhere in Holland, so a lot of snowpics for my december daily

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