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Be Happy Anyway
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Angel of Mercy

I was just getting into the Christmas spirit. Tree up. Tree skirt found (thanks Hun.) Gifts purchased (mostly.) Then I had to go to the bane of my existence, Supermegamart. My home town has only two stores that stay open after 7 p.m. One is just a grocery store and the other is my least favorite store in the world. I have managed to stay out of this store for quite some time, but this week I did have to venture there for a gift for my Secret Santa Pal since I procrastinated as I usually do. Mind you, I did try to shop local, but our boutiques have dwindled to one, and there was little that interested me.

I found everything I wanted and was able to buy milk and some materials for a science experiment the kids will be doing this week. However, the usual conundrum astounded me....Why, on payday after work, does a store with 30 check out aisles have only six or seven aisles open?

As I stood there pondering this, standing behind a family who obviously only shops once a month, my energy dwindled. Pretty soon I found myself leaning against an empty checkout booth, I think I may even have fallen asleep. That's when she came. An angel of mercy.

Feeling my cart move, I became aware of a woman trying to get my attention. It was a cashier who decided to open another checkout station. She moved my cart to her lane and had me move to her aisle. She quickly scanned my items and relieved me of my torture in no time.

I didn't catch her name, but she apologized for the wait. I thanked her profusely.

As I was leaving, I felt a little a bad for the man who had already been checking out in my previous line and the woman standing behind him with an equally full cart, but only just a little.


Anonymous said...

hello and happy Thursday.
i totally understand your feelings.
i always try to get most of my shopping done way ahead of time, but i definitely failed at that this year. there has just been too much going on around here.
i love it when i get a good break like that.
i LOvE the card you made to go along with the awesome secret santa gift.
lucky girl.
when is your last day of school?
give the kiddos a big hug for me.
i hope to see you soon.
Jakey got an apt in Bee Cave so i should be visiting him when he finally gets all moved in after the holidays.

Anonymous said...

Aaaah, I always believed in angels... and you only deepened my believe! Maybe it's time to start scrappin about all my angels? (I have a "rain angel" too, you know!)

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