Be Happy Anyway

Be Happy Anyway
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December Daily 16 - Crafty Recycling

Today is the last day of the Secret Santa. I will have to find something else to fill my December Daily posts with.

I filled a basket with my pal's favorite goodies like pretzels and chocolate and then added some spa-like gifts like "scrubby" gloves and socks that had aloe infused in them along with a purpley pink (her favorite colors) candle and last but not least some Mary Kay fun as only I can do.

I decided that the gift needed a little card to go with it, so I took the remains of the card that I used the other day to make mine. I found a clear piece of plastic to make a window. I wanted to fill the window with glitter but couldn't find any. Then I put the last piece of the old card in the window and decorated the rest of the card with markers and colored pencils.

Here's the final product.

Nine more days until Christmas. Twelve more days until I see my brother and meet his girlfriend. Fifteen more days until I start a new writing plan for myself. You will have to wait to hear about that, however.


Anonymous said...

Love the card with the clear window!!! And EEEEKKK, nearly new year! Time flies!

Roban said...

Love the card! You're so crafty and cool; I want you to be my secret pal, too.

Thinkie said...

great card!

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