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Be Happy Anyway
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Saturday, March 29, 2008


It used to be I couldn't go a day without needing to go to a certain SuperMegaMart. In fact, back when I had a regular checkbook, you would see SuperMegaMart, SuperMegaMart, SuperMegaMart. For some unknown reason, I can now go a month or more without entering that establishment.

Unfortunately, I had to go to that store the other day for craft supplies for my #1. They, of course, were out of what she needed. I decided not to make it a wasted trip and picked up the snacks she need for a lock-in she was going to at the church. Since I was down the snack aisle, I got some snacks for the house, too.

The first thing I picked up were my favorite Flat Earth Chips which just happened to have a coupon directly below them for $1 off. How could I be so lucky? I got two bags and two coupons. Next I went to the drink aisle to get #1 a drink for her evening out. She spied her favorite SoBe Pomegranate Cherry Life Water. I felt a little uneasy paying so much for water, but then she noticed that there was a $1 off coupon attached to the package of four bottles. Things were going great, until I got to the check-out.

If you haven't been to our SuperMegaMart, the first thing you need to know is that although there are 30 checkout aisles, there are never more than 10 available at anytime unless you include the self-checkout. Today, I decided that I would venture into the land of self-checkout, but I was met with an unpleasant surprise. Each and every self-checkout station had a sign on it saying "NO CASH - CREDIT/DEBIT ONLY - NO CASH BACK."

It had finally happened, a world where paper currency was no longer of any use had finally come into being. I was wondering which government agency would be monitoring my purchases. Would they wonder why I was buying fat-free chips and Life Water along with dip and Cheetos? Would it go into my data file for future reference when I apply for Medicare and Social Security? (By the way, that won't be around either by the time I am 70.) Will I be hearing, "Sorry ma'am, you aren't qualified for benefits because you ate unhealthy chips when you were 40."

I decided to wait in line with the other cash users for a real human cashier. This began the rest of the drama. When I got to her station, she scanned my purchases, and I proudly handed her my wonderful coupons. "I'm sorry ma'am. These coupons are expired." "Expired?" I questioned. "What do you mean expired? I got them from your store." Now here is the problem of shopping at SuperMegaMart. If I had been in a mom and pop store, this mistake would not have happened in the first place because Mom and Pop would know what products were on their shelves and be aware of expired coupons. Even if the error did occur, more than likely Mom and Pop would try to make it right and save a customer by giving me the value of the coupons. Unfortunately, our town's only two mom and pop stores went out of business 10 to 15 years ago because of SuperMegaMart. It was a sad, sad day to see that last one close.

I have decided since I don't want to move from my hometown, and I don't have the ability to be a self-sustaining farmer, that I have to put up with the larger stores, but I will avoid SuperMegaMart as much as possible.

If you want to see another reason why SuperMegaMart is evil, Click here.

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WNCRod said...

I'm so glad you found that story. I saw that the other day and that has finalized it for me.
I've been avoiding the place as much as I can, but I refuse to go there again. There are plenty of other stores around. Maybe some of them have seedy underbellies, but I find this story particuarly disdainful.
They're building a new superstore here. Ugh.

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