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Be Happy Anyway
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December Daily 1

Yesterday was the first day of December and the first day of December Daily where I get to take a photo a day for one month. Now that's a challenge I think I can keep up with. 30 days is about my limit when I finally say, I have had it, so I am going to complete this one.

I told Rieni that I thought I had already messed up because the day was so miserably cold and rainy that there couldn't possibly be anything to take a picture of, but I was mistaken. Every Tuesday we have dinner at my Aunt Rose's house, and she is very into holidays and decorations. I took a little photo. I call this "It's beginning to look a LITTLE like Christmas."
If you are not too busy Christmas shopping, card writing and the like, join me.


Rieni said...

OOhhhhhh you have been started!!! That's great. I will have a look every day to check it out!!!

It is so fun!!

Rieni said...

Ja. het is mijn woonkamer.

letti said...

hey that's pretty cool. if i were to join though, it'd only be pics of jaxon. LOL.

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