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Be Happy Anyway
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break Birthdays!

My children have been blessed or cursed depending on your point of view with having birthdays on during spring break. It's a blessing because in our schools, if you give an invitation to one kid in your class (elementary) then you have to give one to everyone. My thought is if there is someone in your class who is just a total turkey, why should you have to invite them? Having a birthday during spring break means you don't have birthday parties with classmates so you don't have to invite someone you don't want to your party. This is also a curse. You don't have birthday parties so no one comes to your birthday.

Another good thing about spring break birthdays is presents can be things like trips to North Carolina like we did one year for Caitlin. We are going to try to go Disney next year.

We will be having Caitlin's birthday at a local restaurant with some friends.

Sunday was James birthday and we had a little friend over. She is the cutest little girl. Note the cat ears. (She hasn't taken them off since Halloween.)

He opened presents.

Yay! Spiderman!

Little Friend had to help. She said, "I know how to open it."

Little Friend recently came home from school and told her mom that she and another friend were going to marry James together when they got older. I figured this is girls being girls until last night.

As we went through our bedtime routine, began crying. I asked him what the matter was and he cried, "Little Friend! I...miss...LITTTTLLLE FRIEEEND." And so it begins.


NaehVision said...

The first love was very exciting for the kids (and parents).

Thinkie said...

Well keep in mind dh and I know each other since I was 8 and he was nine, although we didn't really become friends untill a few years later and i had some boyfriends before he became one many years later ;-) So you just might have had your future daughter in law over! ;-) Happy belated birthday for your kids! My birthday is Januari 1, so I know what it's like to have a birthday during a school holiday!

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