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Be Happy Anyway
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mrs Victory?....

I never know what is going to follow that. Today was no exception.

While learning about ecosystems, we each had to make a personal food chain. Students had to list the elements of a meal and then break that down to the smallest origin, which eventually leads us to the ultimate energy source - the sun.

See the example below:

So my students started writing down a typical meal, and I started hearing the scariest things (mind you these are gifted students.)...

Random Student: Mrs. Victory, what is a cheeseburger made up of?

Mrs. Victory: Ummm. What? (pausing to let the question truly sink in - realizing that he wants to know what hamburger patty is made of) BEEF.

Various Students: Do you need milk to make French fries? (This one heard me say that you need milk to make mashed potatoes.) What about strawberries...lemons...oranges?

Mrs Victory (in her head): Are you kidding me?

Mrs Victory: Look it up.

Then it hit me, most kids don't watch their moms make their food. Many moms (me included until recently) don't even cook from scratch. Food comes from the freezer section or from a box with a smiling hand on it. Even worse, some probably eat a lot of take away.

My kids need a good home economics class...Anyone interested?


Anonymous said...

Holy.... is it really that bad??? I was raised on the country, seeing chicken chopped their head off, cornfields all around with a mill to make flour out of it... aahh, those were the days!

Unknown said...

Wow. That's amazing! We live in a totally different society don't we? Too fast.

Good thing these kids have a great teacher like you who knows where a cheeseburger comes from. giggle...

Thinkie said...

Are you kidding me, is there no milk in strawberries?! :-(


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