Be Happy Anyway

Be Happy Anyway
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Insert Title Here :-)

I didn't know what I was going to call this so you can name it what you want.

Never have ever been more happy to see this screen:

I did something silly the other day. Every time James and I would walk into the grocery store there would be a girl dressed up like a cowgirl in front of a large display of Toy Story 3 DVDs. The store was promoting the video with a giveaway of almost $15 worth of coupons when you buy the DVD. I don't usually go for those type of things so every time I passed the girl, I just said, "Sorry. No thank you." (Why do I feel I have to apologize to people who are trying to sell me things?) Anyway, James consistently would beg for me to buy the video, but I stayed firm until about a week later when I realized that the coupons that came with the video were all for things I normally buy for James' lunch like granola bars and Gatorade along with some tissues. With it being cold season, I figured it was as good a time as any to get those too. So...I succumbed, but I hid the video from James while checking out.

Yesterday, Mom watched James for a couple of hours, so I sent the DVD with him to watch at her house as a surprise. Unfortunately, he fell asleep before watching it. Later he asked me when he could watch it. I suggested that we have a movie watching party with popcorn and hot chocolate. That satisfied him and made me happy.

Here's the silly part. Today while sitting at school thinking about how good popcorn and hot chocolate was going to be with my kiddos, I realized that I don't have a DVD player. Don't you think that is something that should have crossed my mind while buying the DVD in the first place?? Obviously not. Don't get me wrong. We have owned VCRs and DVD players but over time and through the torture of little fingers they have one by one died.

That is why after school I was standing in the electronics department of my least favorite supermegamart weighing the pros and cons of each DVD player. They had $30 ones $50 ones and then they had the one I bought for $70 that had both a VHS and DVD player in it. Now, I know that VHS is so last century but I have tons of tapes in my closet, many of which my son has not seen at all. Nothing like recycling to provide entertainment.

This is why I was glad to see that blue screen. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get the player hooked up to my television, but I did it!! Yay me!!

On to other things... How about the 21 Challenge?

Today's plan is to clean my bathroom. I have to clear off the counter. I have been using the right sink as a receptacle for all of my beauty supplies - brushes, dryers, makeup, cleansers, etc. I will have to go back to using my own sink for washing and brushing my teeth when Gary gets home tonight/tomorrow.

I am also looking to get my craft corner organized, but that may have to wait until tomorrow.

Finally.... Let's end this post with photos from the parade I took the kids to yesterday. It was much smaller than other parades we have, but nice nonetheless.

Just a closeup of my boy.

Waiting patiently for the fire truck to pass kicking off the parade.

A very patriotic truck.

No parade in our town would be complete without entries from the Bluebonnet Model A Ford Club.
Although the color guard appeared first in the parade, I thought it was fitting to end the post with them.

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Peggy said...

haha, now that was a funny story!!! I'm glad you got everything sorted out. Enjoy!
xxx Peggy

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