Be Happy Anyway

Be Happy Anyway
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Beautiful Fall Day

This morning Gary came home for two weeks. We went out to this place today:

Skip to page 9 through 12 to see what we were doing specifically.

It was fun to see the Scottish Gathering in person. I hadn't been since junior high school. The kids had a great time and Gary enjoyed himself as well.

I am just going to share the pictures and a simple caption. Following the pictures will be my progress on my 21 Challenge.
The day started off beautifully. This set of "clouds" followed us the whole way.
There were lots of dancers dressed like this girl.
This man's garb was unique compared to the rest of the Highland Visitors. (I especially love how he was color coordinated with his child's stroller.)

We ate some faire food.
And watched these men conduct the bagpipe players and drummers.
I think that man should move.
This little Scotsman stood outside the game area dreaming of the day he could toss the hammer or caber.
James found a hat he liked.
These pups had it made in the shade.
We ended the day with some ice cream at a new shoppe at home
21 Challenge:
I made breakfast - waffles and the kitchen still looks the same as when I cleaned it the other day. The living room is still clean and laundry is being folded right of the dryer. My bathroom counter is being wiped down after use. Now to work on a regular cleaning schedule to keep things from getting out of hand as before.

How do you keep up with the things that need to be done regularly around the house?


Anonymous said...

I guess I don't realy "keep up" - I spend one day of huge cleaning when we start sticking to the floor :)

I LOVE Scots, tartan - the whole thing! It's something from my teenage years - long story, but thanks for all the kilts and tartan inspiration on your blog!

Thinkie said...

Ha, I don't! Because of my bad health, we have sort of split the housekeeping in half. But we never get around doing everything we want. And part of my chores are getting to tough for me because of my fibromyalgia. So everything gets don't once in a while but some of the chores don't get done often enough. With a bunny that roams free, you're never done vacuĆ¼mcleaning and dusting. Luckily MIL loves washing windows so when we come home after traveling sometimes the windows have been cleaned! We still miss our help but couldn't afford it anymore.

Shan in Japan said...

I have people over that way I have to clean my house! I now have an English class once a week in my apartment so I make sure I clean before my student comes. She is a university student so I don't think she cares too much one way or the other, but I have been to their apartment and her mom keeps the place SPOTLESS! So, I feel the need to at least pick up a bit and clean the floor before she comes:)
Dishes are one of my downfalls. I can go days without washing them!

Jeanet said...

Everytime I cleaned the house and have it all tidy, I plan on keeping it up....and then I loose track and have to do all the catching up ;) But I do vacuum everyday ;)
LOve your photo's and video!

Anonymous said...

i haven't been to Salado in so long. i love the park. what a shame the water destroyed it. i loved the pic of the Scots. my neighbors moved to Scotland i really miss them.
i've been sick and Burgandi just had her baby so things are crazy here. i used to ALWAYS have a clean house,but not so much anymore. i clean everyday if i want the house to stay clean...or a put it off and craft. so i have a house that is usually very comfy and safe to live in. i don't have storage space being that my house was built in 1921 or so. so clean laundry is hard to put away. i have to keep everything very organized in order to have a place to put it all.
i'm very proud of you tackling this. you are doing a great job. the house looks nice!!!
miss you Annemarie.

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