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Be Happy Anyway
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

And Now for the Real Birthday Festivities

Today was a super day. Polar opposite from yesterday.

I had to wake up early to get Caitlin to region band tryouts. She didn't want to go, but in the end, she made alternate which is better than nothing when you consider she didn't practice and didn't want to be there.

Then I came home and pancakes for breakfast. Simple but yummy.

Next we made brownies to be had later in the day. I threw in marshmallows and chocolate chips. Note to self, if you add marshmallows to the mix, they will dissolve into the brownies never to be seen again and will burn to the edge of the pan. Those brownies were the sweetest brownies I have ever had.
Photo taken by James.

Once the brownies cooled enough to be cut and placed on a plate, James and I hit the road for the World Hunger Relief Farm Day in Elm Mott - an hour and half drive. We were an hour behind my planned day, but it was okay.

We made it to Elm Mott by 11:15, but I missed my exit and it was one those exits that there wasn't another one for three miles. Fortunately, my phone easily gave me directions. I am not sure how much that cost me, but I made it there only 15 minutes later.

The farm was great. Each year it gets better and better. I remember when there was just a haystack building with bare walls, a barn, a milk house and sleeping quarters. It's wonderful what work can be done when people come together for a good cause. I wish I could tell you more about the farm, but it would take an entire post and then some. You can go to their site for their background. James had fun and saw lots of animals and did a fun art project.
A heart shaped rock from my son.

The art project used colors extracted from fruits and vegetables like beets, carrots and coffee.

There was also a storyteller reading a book called Tap Tap, an excellent story about a little girl working in the market in Haiti. The storyteller was wonderful. Here is a brief clip of her session. She is part of the Heart of Texas Storytelling Guild.

When we got home, we picked up Caitlin from school and then went to the German Sausage Festival at the Lutheran church in town. They have it every year on this weekend. I have NEVER gotten to go EVER! I was glad I went. It was great food. Even James ate a lot of it. The German potato salad did not go over well with them nor did the sauerkraut, but at least they tried it.
We ended our day with tasty dessert of brownie sundae, James' idea. He also told me that we were going to the farm, coming home, and playing Wii.

That's next on the agenda, so I am trying to quickly post this before 8:30 so I don't hear him say, "Hey mom, what about games??" (PS - I didn't make the deadline.)

I'd like to thank the innumerable people who sent birthday wishes today. It was fun to open my email and see all the greetings fill the inbox.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. I am going to continue celebrating my birthday tomorrow with a trip to a craft and jewelry bazaar and a stop by a jewelry store to redeem a long standing credit for something special for my birthday. Will share tomorrow.


GG said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Enjoy your jewelry shopping tomorrow.

Roban said...

Your day really was a good one! Somehow reading about it here and seeing those simply scrumptious brownies made it much clearer than your post on FaceBook!

Whether I blog or not, I really do need to keep visiting. I've missed out on so much!

Hugs and more birthday wishes being sent your way.... Have fun with the jewelry shopping tomorrow.


Rieni said...

A bit late, but happy birthday to you, and have fun with the jewelry shopping today.!!!!

Peggy said...

I'm glad to hear your day still turned out to be awesome! Enjoy the rest of your plans!
xxx Peggy

NaehVision said...

Happy Birthday and have a nice day!


miruspeg said...

Wow you did have a GREAT day after all. Loved seeing all the pics and James is quite good with the camera too!
I see you are still wearing that viking necklace.....I wear mine alot too now, so pleased I was talked into buying it.
Have fun at the jewellery store!
Peggy xxxx

Anonymous said...

What a great day Annemarie!!! Oh, just for the record, I LOVE "sauerkraut" ("zuurkool") but it has to be made right (I have a prescription if you like to try - but I'm not sure your kids will like it! My son doesn't... ) The heart shaped stone is adorable, I LOVE stones in all shapes, but most of all the hearts!!! Have fun playing games!!!

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Oh Happy birthday Annemarie!!!!!!! I think your day sounded like a fabulous one :) In answer to your question, they weren't her new pair. The new shoes are away till the wedding day, saving them from the scuffs. They can claim them as their own after that lol
hope you had a wonderful weekend, hugs to you, my friend :)

Jeanet said...

Happy belated birthday Annemarie! Sounds like you had a wonderful busy day!Great photo's!

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