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Be Happy Anyway
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Doodles and Such

A while back, I posted about moleskine books and how jealous I was of these creative people. I was so impressed by the things people think of.

Then one day I decided to buy a small book. It sat in its wrapping for awhile. Then I drew a simple nothing. Then it sat on a shelf calling me. Over Christmas break, I pulled it out and started drawing whatever came to mind. The book stayed hidden on a shelf for no one to see.

Today I decided that this was silly and that the only difference between those other people and me was they put their stuff on the internet. (Actually, I am still impressed with the nose guy.) Recently I have begun posting my projects as part of my journey toward living a creative life.

So here are some of the pages from my moleskine book:
I love these kids, but I am laughing now that I see the girl's legs aren't underneath her.
Same kiddos at Christmas. I think her legs are under her body this time.
This was a font my dad used to draw all the time for certificates before computers. I used to practice it as a kid.
My favorite Christmas tree. I use it for Christmas cards.
Same with my snowman

and this mitten.
Another practice with lettering
Finally, this is my first attempt at zentangling (a form or doodling.) It is on black paper with white Zig paint pen. It was so fun.
What are you focusing on right now? What makes you smile? How do you express yourself?


Anonymous said...

It's such fun to see others "doodles" - and I think you might like the lesson I put up today for the workshop - what a coinsedence! And have you seen the video on my blog Wednesday? YOU SHOULD!!!!!

MrsPeel said...

love your drawings...
and the girls legs in the first one aren't such out of the way...if you see the way Sarita stands up could very well be her!
love those kids :)
love the book too...

Andre Rodriguez said...

I used to do something sort of "zentanglish" when I was in high school. I picked it up from Esther Lawson. I wish I still had them. They were completely free form and I had one that as I went along looked a lot like the grim reaper.

Thinkie said...

this looks great! I actually enjoy drawing but aren't very good at it, but sometimes I do it anyway, practise makes, erhm, well, a fun time ;-)
I have been making presents for my mum lately. Renovating neighbours have sucked the energy and inspiration out of me but staying with my parents for a while has renewed my inspiration so I've been crafting the past few days!

HeHe24 said...

I just got into zentangles myself and love it so much! Just another really fun way to doodle! Good work!

McMGrad89 said...

Thanks, HeHe.

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