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Be Happy Anyway
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's In a Number???

Today, I scrolled down to the bottom of my blog to see how many visitors I day and low and behold I saw:Thanks to Peggy, it got me wondering what significance the number 8 might have. So here it goes.

According to Wikipedia:

The word for "eight" (八 Pinyin: bā) sounds similar to the word which means "prosper" or "wealth" ( - short for "发财", Pinyin: fā). In regional dialects the words for "eight" and "fortune" are also similar, eg Cantonese "baat3" and "faat3".

There is also a visual resemblance between two digits, "88", and 囍, the "shuāng xĭ" ('double joy'), a popular decorative design composed of two stylized characters 喜 ("xĭ" meaning 'joy' or 'happiness').

So today must be a very lucky day, huh?

I thought so until I was reminded that the Beijing Olympics began on 8-8-08 which was the exact same day my father passed away.

So I have decided that numbers can hold whatever importance you want them to hold. I have decided that 8888 is good because that means I have had 8888 visitors, 8888 opportunities for me to get know others and for others to potentially get to know me.

Thanks for visiting, Visitor #8889. We will see if I can catch 10,000 roll by.


Thinkie said...

cool that you've had that much visitors! That cute Francisco on the side helps off course but I don't think he can take all the credit ;-)

miruspeg said...

I find numbers fascinating and not only 11:11.
Recented a friend gave me a book called "Deciphering the Cosmic Number" by Arthur Miller. It's heavy going and there is a section about "Is there a number at the root of the universe. A primal number that everything in the world hinges on"? They came up with 137 as a possibility.

Your Goat Mother!

MrsPeel said...

I think everything can have the significance each of us wants to give it.
I grew up with a very, very supersticious mum, a Syrian woman whose permanent number is 5 (to this day) because for the Arabig 5 (jamse) is against the evil eye.
I was born on the fith, to that lenght my mum went to get things right LOL
but I had to shake the fears and superstitions out of me, because if I wore a jacket or a handbag or a pair of shoes and that day something went wrong... I wouldn't waer them again.

I also have a friend who is a numerologist....a dear friend whom I love and treasure....but nothing she read on my numerolgy chart had absolutely nothing to do with my life :(

So yes, I agree,numbers, like most things, have the meaning we want to give them.

You are one amazing lady :)
I'm told here I'm visitor 8905

Anonymous said...

I don't know what number visitor I am right now, but let me tell you, I LOVE to visit your blog!

Roban said...

I wonder how many clicks I turned on that visitor wheel? I always want to visit to see what you've been up to....

MJ said...

Thanks for the sweet award. My post today explains my absence.

I do enjoy visiting your blog & always enjoy & find peace in "Your Hands". Thank you for keeping it on your playlist.

letti said...

ooo how auspicious :) sorry about the sadder memories tho. Here's to way more visitors in the coming years!

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