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Be Happy Anyway
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Reach Out & Touch

That phrase leads some of you to start singing while others are thinking of an old AT&T commercial, I am sure.

Today, clicked on over to my clustermap (see the bottom of my page) to see where people have been visiting from. (Yes, Roban, I ended in a preposition.) It was quite an interesting read.

How did they get to my little site? It's that whole six degrees of separation thing again. At the top are my US friends from Scrapblog, SIStv and Facebook. This group also includes my Dutch and Aussie friends. Then there is the UK which most likely is Mrs. Peel, Canada-MJ, Germany-Frauke, Norway-Eva Helen. Then it gets a little hazy. Brazil has to be either Mrs Peel on vacation or people from her new Portuguese blog. After that, I am stumped. Thirteen hits from India??? How intriguing!

It is just amazing to me how knowing one person can cause a couple more people to come by. They wander in, decide it's not for them and leave again. Interesting.

What picture of the US or Americans or Texans for that matter am I giving them? It's not something that I ponder as I ramble incessantly on whatever may come to mind on any particular day.

On the other hand, have I been that off beat person on someone's blog, taking a peek only never to step virtual foot onto their site again?

Are you one of those observers, silently taking it all in? If so, say hello! I don't bite. Well, at least not lately.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

lol...i look at my maps too! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Roban said...

You made me chuckle with that whole preposition thing. I do it, too. Very archaic rule in my opinion. And aren't some rules meant to be bent or broken every now and then? (Just "some" and not very often, of course!)

It is amazing to see all of those dots on our maps.... I wonder, too, who they are and what brought them to my little spot in the world.

I'm just glad I'm a little dot on your map. (... and I love your February look here!)

NaehVision said...

Yes it is very amazing to see who find my blog. And who is it? Earlier this was not conceivable.
Have a nice day
Frauke from Germany :-))

Anonymous said...

Hi from the Netherlands... aahhh, you know it's probably me, don't you?! But when I visit, I leave a comment... I do hope you're feeling better/good today! Have a nice weekend!

MrsPeel said...

well, I m thinking here how you & Roban may cringe with my English it not allowed to end with a preposition?

anyway, Brasil, now I am discovering, is passionate about you may get people who come see your work, but dont write because they least in English...

I love your posts, I m so glad I now manage to come more often!

Thinkie said...

LOL, well you have clearly stated to me more than once that Texas is a place I should visit ;-)
It's such a cool aspect of the internet, meeting people from all over. Sometimes it's just one meeting, other times you come back and sometimes even connect with each other! And off course Marit is not the only visitor from the Netherlands here!

miruspeg said...

"Reach out and touch
Somebody's hand
Make this world a better place
If you can"

You definitely make this world a better place Annemarie.

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