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Be Happy Anyway
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Feeling Jealous

I ran into something called moleskine notebooks. Take a look at a couple I found on YouTube then read on. (If you work in a place that blocks YouTube like my district does, you will have to wait until you are home to view it, but believe me it is good.)

Who thinks of these? I used think I was pretty creative, but I certainly couldn't fill an entire book with artwork all based on a central theme like these artists have.

Somehow I ended up clicking link after link that led to more moleskine books. I then began to feel a little jealous not because these people could draw or paint better than I (although most could) but because they were focused enough to fill an entire book with their artwork. I am so NOT that person. I start things that I never finish. I am sure my garage (closet, attic, office) is full of projects that I began but never found the time to complete.

Case in point: My #1 turned 11 years old this week. Somewhere in a drawer is a quilt that I started when I was pregnant with her that never got completed. I can still picture it, navy and blue flowered calico sewn in a zigzag pattern. It would have been a lovely keepsake for her, but now it is just one of the many things Mom never finished.

Somewhere in the house is a bag full of green and white yarn attached to a semi-completed sweater that I began before I even got married. (Sad, I know.) Even if I finished it now, it would be way out of style. Occasionally I think of it and think I should find and finish it just for general purposes.

My mind is reeling with all the half-finished projects I have stashed away in my house (not to mention the ones hiding in my mother's house.)

I could possibly fill an entire moleskine book with all the projects I have begun and never completed....

But that would require me to finish something wouldn't it?

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