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Be Happy Anyway
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Just Love...

...these shoes!!!!
Everyday, I get emails from GAP, Old Navy and a store called Piperlime. Everyday, I delete their emails without opening them, but I never click the button to unsubscribe. What if I might want to spend $3o0 on a pair of shoes? Yesiree, these gorgeous suede, leather lined, patent leather heeled oxfords cost $300. And there, my friends, is the rub. Even if I had $300 to throw away on shoes that will be good for only one season and not return for another 20 years, (I had shoes just like these when I was in high school) I wouldn't. So I sit and wait until a reasonable facsimile arrives in Target, Payless or even Dillard's for significantly under $100.

Until then I shall be happy to wear my teacher shoes to work.


Brandi said...

HAHAHA! I get those same emails and saw these same shoes this morning! Yes, I did love them! No, I will not spend $300 on a pair of shoes (I have on boots before, I'm talking western not fashion!). And Yes! I have had these shoes before! Great minds think alike!!!


Anonymous said...

I got me emails from a lingery-shop and a perfume-store... never read them and never delete them either... I might want to buy me a 300 dollar bra once... who knows? I think these shoes look cute - not my style tho... Oh, and did I thank you for the award? It's on my blog today!

Thinkie said...

:-) I hate shopping for shoes, I have wide feet and hardly fit into any shoes, definately not womens shoes. So I'm very happy with my $130,- armyboots that last me for years! My current pair is almost 4 years old now (I'll probably need to buy a new pair later this year) and my older pair have been sprayed purple by my mum, I wore them at our wedding and use them for fantasy fairs ;-)
Being comfy in your shoes is the most important thing!

MrsPeel said...

I'm with you.
Only wjen I buy a pair of shoes, even if they cost £1 or £10, I make them last for at least 3/4 years...
I used to buy a lot in charity shops, jumble sales...until they left me with a 3 and half centimiters difference between one leg and the other, so I need now to spend a bit more money in shoes because the hospital needs to make a shoe rise.
Still, the mnost expensive I bought was £50
I had to sepnd over £100 for Sarita's Uggs though

U$300 is nothing
what annoys me is seeing regular day workers who spend over £1000 in a handbag...
I could understand the shoe thing: if you are well heeled, less probabilities you have of back pain, probs like that...
but a handbag?
with what I earn in a month?
the world is mad.

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