Be Happy Anyway

Be Happy Anyway
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pretty Colors on a Rainy Day

One more day and I will have completed my first full week at Wright Career College. I work Tuesday through Thursday. I think this will be a good thing and I see more opportunities possible coming in January so keep your fingers crossed. I would rather work full time at one job rather than part time at two jobs.

A couple of days ago I broke out the water colors and got to painting.

The first page started out as a sketch in my little book and I recreated it in my bigger book. It needs something, but it will be a good base for something else.

The last page is based off a photo that one of my friends shared on FB. The little bug caught my eye but even more eye catching was the dark orange of the pumpkin. I tried to capture that color on my page. I am really happy with this.

Tomorrow and Friday I will begin the shift from one apartment/house to another. They are basically the same apartment but the new one will have more windows, the laundry room downstairs instead of up, one less bathroom :-( but one more bedroom which is the most important thing. AND James will get to stay at his school.

I will get come back online on Saturday maybe when everything gets hooked back up.


Cozyflier said...

I love your art work, you are so talented! Good luck with the move, I hate moving!

Happy November!


Thinkie said...

I hope the move is going well! I love that pumpkin page, especially the background of it!

miruspeg said...

The first week at any new job is always the hardest so I am glad that is over.
Glad you are still sketching and painting Annemarie.
Will you have the same landline number at your new apartment because I was going to ring you for your birthday?
Peggy xxxx

Marit said...

I hope the moving went easy and without problems Annemarie! I love the bright, orange pumpkin. You did capture that colours beautifully!

Anonymous said...

The pumpkin page is amazing Annemarie!! Great colors, LOVE it!!
Hope the move went well!!!

Pamela King said...

Beautiful artwork. Had no idea this was out here. But now that I know...

Oh, and the banana bread story? Delightful. That's what happens, I think, when you stop for a moment in order to go forward more elegantly. Instead we hurry up to "fix things".

Congrats--on the job, the bread, and especially for stopping.

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