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Be Happy Anyway
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

I Am Grateful For...


Signs? You might ask. Yes, signs.

I am thankful for the signs I was given this week. The following story is adapted from a status update I shared on Facebook:

Sign Number 1 
Most of you car owners have seen a similar sticker in your front window. It stays out of sight and out of mind behind the visor for the most part. My father however, ingrained into me the compulsion to make sure that the oil is changed every 3000 miles and before long trips. About a week ago, I noticed I was overdue for an oil change. I am usually very prompt in doing this, but have been very busy. I kept telling myself, I will do it tomorrow after school. However, every tomorrow would find me passing the exit for the service station, and I would magically somehow find myself pulling into my driveway without an oil change. This task would have to wait until "tomorrow." 

Next the right blinker started blinking too fast. I have experienced this before. I learned that is the blinker's way of telling me that a light bulb is out. (You don't realize how often you use that blinker until you have to hear that horrible sound over and over again.) I decided I could put it off a couple more days. However, quite frequently I would find that I was going down the interstate and  a state trooper would be traveling behind me. Had he noticed that I changed lanes without a turn signal? (I do use my signal, you just can't tell from behind.) By now, I have forgotten about the oil change, mind you. 

Then the heater started going in and out on the car. Sometime it would blow hot and sometimes it would blow freezing cold. With 30 degree temperatures coming I wondered how long I could put it off, but decided that the kids would eventually be in the car this weekend driving back from state championships in St. Louis and I better get it fixed. (I have not forgotten that darn turn signal though because it keeps chicka chicka chicking away each time I turn right or try to move to the right lane, ticking off a lot of motorists along the way I am sure.)

Tuesday, I remembered to take the proper exit and wound my way to my favorite mechanic, Don. Don first thought a baffle wasn't properly closing, then he decided it was low coolant because my radiator cap was leaky. I was so thankful that it was a simple procedure. (Simple = Less Expensive) The radiator just needed a flush, some more coolant and a new radiator cap.... Or so he thought...

...And now for the rest of the story... 

As Don was finishing the flush and testing the pressure, he found that the leak wasn't the radiator cap, it was the actual radiator. He called me out to the garage to show me the coolant that had spewed out of the radiator all over the shop floor. The radiator had a little crack in it. If my blinker hadn't been bugging me, and if I hadn't been freezing my tuchas off, I probably wouldn't have stopped at the mechanic, and we would have driven to St Louis (or at least tried to.) Thankfully, I was given enough signs and finally listened to them and got the car fixed. A new radiator at a trusted mechanic 5 miles from home is far better than a break down on the interstate three hours out of town.

I was then reminded of a story by a FB friend who said: 
Reminds me of the joke about a guy in a flood. First a cop comes and offers to drive him out. He says save someone else, the Lord will provide for me. Water rises and then a boat comes by and offers a ride. Again save someone else, the Lord will provide for me. Water rises and he is on the roof. Helicopter comes in and again he says save someone else, the Lord will provide for me. Finally he drowns and gets to the pearly gates. Upon arriving he asks God "Why didn't you save me?" God replies, I sent a cop car, a boat and a helicopter, what more did you expect me to do???
 Thank you God for the oil change sticker, annoying turn signal and lack of heat.

My question for you today is:
Tell me about a time you were given a sign. Did you ignore it or heed it? And what happened?

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL of you regardless of when or if you celebrate this holiday. I am thankful to have you as readers and friends.


Roban said...

I'm so glad you found and fixed your true problem before you were back on the road. My most recent sign scared me a bit.... A colleague's diagnosis of breast cancer scared me into getting a much-delayed mammogram. Although it turned out normal, a suspicious spot on my arm then led me to the dermatologist who diagnosed a different pre-melanoma. So thankful thatone sign led to another and my "pre-" melanoma is about to be history.

Roban said...

... and your flowers at the top of the page are beautiful! Water color?

miruspeg said...

Yes Annemarie we should always to take heed of signs....especially mechanical ones. I respect my car and service it regularly....although I could wash it a bit more often!

I can't think of any particular story at the moment about heeding or ignoring signs, but I can tell you I do listen to my intuition when it sends messages my way.

Peggy xxxxxx

Unknown said...

ohh, Im glad you got the signs, could have been expencive...

Now we are going to enjoy our first gingerbread cakes, hope you have some peaceful pre christmas days :)

MJ said...

Signs? What signs?

Glad you paid heed to yours! Hope you have a good week!

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