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Be Happy Anyway
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Monday, January 31, 2011

On the Creative Front

This year in an attempt to explore more creative avenues, I joined Sketchbook Challenge and a Calendar Challenge. I did fine on the first one, but completely flaked on the second. Here is what I have finished this past week.

I finished the front cover of this book:
Then I followed the directions for Sunday on this weekly art journal plan, and came up with this:
Just using some of my favorite motifs to put this zentangle scene together:
I think I am going to turn this into a set of note cards:

I think for as busy as January has been, I have managed to enjoy some pretty good creative time. I have one more project I would like to add to the creative mix. I planned to do it last month, but the month got away from me and it required me to remember what I did everyday.

I will share more with you soon.


Rieni said...

I really love this!!!

Anonymous said...

I really love the shape/seize of your sketch book! Awesome! And you know I love your zentangling... I'm not doing much creative at the moment (busy writing articles again) I can hardly manage to keep my art journal going this week... pfew...

NaehVision said...

Wonderful pictures of your sketch book!

milkcan said...

Insanely awesome stuff!

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