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Be Happy Anyway
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Big Wheels Keep On Turning

I was making spaghetti yesterday and I was looking at this box and it got the wheels turning.

So I opened it and cut the ends off.

I thought I would use it as is to make something, then the wheels started turning again and I traced it onto aquarelle paper and made this.

Next time, I will make a bigger flap to close it an lighter weighted paper. Prototypes are all about using what's on hand.

I will water color the cover and use this book to experiment with an unusually dimensioned paper.

And below are some sketches I have been doing.

The first is just parts and pieces

This page is my first response to this month's prompt: Highly Prized


Roban said...

I LOVE this book you made! How neat that it came from a spaghetti box of all things. I like how your wheels turn!

MJ said...

Very creative book! I love your doodling!

Cozyflier said...

Awesome Annmarie! I love it. Your doodling is much better than anything I can draw!

Happy New Year!

Would make a great scrapbook!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome little book Annemarie! You got MY wheels turning now... making a strange shaped book would be nice! Your doodling and drawing is amazing! Keep on rockin' woman!

Sue Bleiweiss said...

I definitely won't look at a spaghetti box the same way from now on - great idea!

GG said...

Good idea. Love the book. Your 'mom' sketch is very creative. You are a very talented artist.I also love your doodlings from your last entry.

Unknown said...

great idea!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Keep on turning those wheels ;)
What an awesome idea! Love your sketching and drawing..beautiful!

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