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Be Happy Anyway
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Brother The Photographer

This is a copy of my brother's post. I thought those who come by my blog might be interested. Andre is a photojournalist. He had lost his inspiration for his personal photography, and in effort to help himself, he has decided to help others. Please spread the word

And anyone who goes to his blog and posts a comment on his Closer to Fine blog showing support by May 31 will be in a drawing for a Mary Kay gift set. International girls/guys included.

Inspiring others

My sister suggested I make A to Z Photo a challenge blog for her photo friends (and others, too) who would love to have another place for inspiration.

I like the idea.

I also like the A to Z idea because of its simplicity. Coming up with photo assignments all the time is hard. I figure that's why many of the photo assignment sites I checked out yesterday hadn't been updated in a long time.

With A to Z you have a lot of room for creativity. For example, I've been pondering "A" a lot today. I could take a self portrait, since my name is "Andre." I've thought about figuring out how to get an "aerial" shot. "Azaleas" are in bloom now. I suppose a photo of someone sneezing could be of "achoo," but maybe also "bless you," in addition to "sneeze."

The possibilities are endless. Plus, there are 26 letters in the alphabet and 52 weeks in the year, so that basically leaves you doing each letter twice a year.

Anyway, anyone interested in a little inspiration feel free to participate. Hopefully sis will cross post this on her blog and let people know.

Good luck.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loveeeeeeeeeee what your brother is doing....I think its a GREAT IDEA! :):):):):):):):):)

MJ said...

Good for him! I'd take up his challenge except I'm having a hard enough time balancing quilting, scrapbooking, and sewing and then starting to work?!

Lolosblog said...

Love your brothers post.

I did an A to Z on thankfulness a while back. Most letters are easy but I did hit a snag every once in awhile.

I will be keeping up with his blog now!

God bless!

Roban said...

What a fun idea. I'll have to go visit his site....


miruspeg said...

I also could do with some inspiration. Since 1st January I have been taking at least one photo a day and believe me it is more difficult than you think to take an interesting photo each day.
I have taken every plant in my garden, the cats in every position, ornaments in the house. Even Joseph says each Monday "I am too tired for photo"!

So I will pop over to Andre's blog right now to be inspired!


Nnairda's said...

I'm looking forward to the photo challenge. I'm always looking for a reason to get my camera out.


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