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Be Happy Anyway
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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sing...Sing a Song

Two months have now passed since my friends and I decided to work together to keep ourselves on the straight and narrow path towards our individual goals. This month someone got the bright idea that we should write songs (okay just lyrics) to express our individual Words for the Year.

Let's start with Peggy from Middle Aged Ramblings:
"Where is the Love" by the Black Eyed Peas.
"Where is the Balance"

Listen to what your body and feelings are telling you
Like most things in life,

It takes practice and experimentation.

We need to make adjustments,

As we go along.

We need to stop and reflect,

To see which parts of our life,

Are out of Balance.

Then take the steps,

To put them back in Balance.

So remember to stop and ask yourself,
Where is the Balance.....
Where is the Balance..... Where is the Balance......

Next on our list is the AVTCoach who has written a wonderful song inspired by George David Weiss and Bob Thiele's song "A Wonderful World" as performed by Louis Armstrong.

I hear songs of love…devotion too

I sing along…a few notes for you

And I think to myself….what an abundant world.

I whisper prayers…for friends in need

Some who are joyful…some really grieve.

And I think to myself….what an abundant world

The words of a loved one….so dear to my ear

Are just what I needed… take away my fear

I hear people sharing…and it’s more than a few.

They’re really sayin’…I love you.

I see my children….I’ve watched them grow

They work and play…independence they show

And I think to myself…what an abundant world.

Our next lyricist is Roban from Moments in Time inspiring us with her song of faith & joy entitled: “Words of the Year Song” sung to the tune of “Edelweiss,” the Rodgers and Hammerstein hit from The Sound of Music.

Faith and joy, faith and joy

These two words will sustain me

Through the year, far and near

Faith and joy will be mine.

Faith that God will see me through

With joyful days His voice rings true.

Faith and joy, faith and joy

Are blessings for me to gather.

Our ever popular Octamom (c) (not to be confused with that impostor on the network news) will entertain us with two of her children singing the Excellence song.

Excellence Song from Octamom on Vimeo.

Finally, I have chosen to use the tune "Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music to push me through my quest for a more disciplined life. Please enjoy my attempt at summing up my current feelings on the matter.

"A Few of My Discipline Needs"

Disciplined living – for this I am searching
“Fly by the seat of my pants” isn’t working
Making a list of the things I must do
This just might help locate my left shoe

Grading my papers as soon as I get them
Clearing my desk off so I won’t forget them.
Grocery shopping for healthier things
These are of few of my Discipline Needs

When I’m tired
I don’t want to
pack a lunch for sure
But when I remember my Discipline needs
A healthy lunch is ... in store!!!


Roban said...

This was fun! I enjoyed "singing" all of the songs, and all of your goals are mine in a way, too!


miruspeg said...

I enjoyed singing all the songs as well. Do you think we are all budding songwriters...or do you think we shouldn't give up our day jobs!


MJ said...

Do you sing your song in long white nighties? It must be authentic!

Roban said...

We ARE decorating our blogs in similar ways! It must be the whole scrapblog, teacher, mom, kinda thing... ya' think?

carrhop said...

I thought everyone's odes turned out so well! This was a fun one!

Lovin' your luck o' the Irish look, BTW~

Hope the retreat was great and refreshing!


Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

OMG what a fantastic post! All the songs are great - what a wonderful way to remember your words for the year! I honestly love your song the best - it's so funny and fits the song perfectly!

Have a great day Anne Marie!

MJ said...

Your Irish blog is smiling...

Shan in Japan said...

Ah, bluebonnets! I miss them. We have cherry blossoms here. There is a yearly ritual when the cherry blossoms come out that everyone goes to parks and sits on their big blue tarps and has picnics. Some companies even go with all their employees and it is someone's job to sit out in the park all day guarding the best spot-of course they all get drunk, too. But, my friends always ask if we have some sort of flower viewing activity in the States. And, I always get to tell them about the bluebonnets, bus trips, etc. :)
Hope you enjoy them! Post a pic if you get a chance:)

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