Be Happy Anyway

Be Happy Anyway
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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Reinforcements Have Arrived!

So this is what a grocery cart looks like when I am able to go to the market without worrying about my three year old running away. My refrigerator isn't going to know what to do when the vegetable bins are full of produce.

For once, I already know what I will be serving for dinner this week without including a trip through the drive-through. I can actually pack a lunch and not rely on school cafeteria "pot luck."

What has brought on this miraculous change? My husband is home! I was actually able to go to the store without making an event of it - no packing a change of clothes for a still potty training boy or playing hide and seek through the dairy section.

Before reinforcements came from the Philippines in the form of my wayward husband, I would only go to the store when we were out of milk or cereal. I would do it on the way home from school between dance classes and the picking up the youngest from daycare.

This is my first step in my journey toward a more disciplined way of living. My friends, Octamom, AVTCoach, Roban, Miruspeg and I have each chosen a word to explore as a way of life .

AVT Coach.(This Abundant Life).....Abundance
Miruspeg.(Middle Age Ramblings)........Balance
Roban (Moments in Time).......Faith and Joy

I have chosen Discipline. I will be posting at least once a month with these ladies about what role my word of empowerment is playing in my life.

At this time there are too many ways my life needs discipline to explain in this little post. I will, however make another post about it when I have more time.

If you would like to explore a word for your life instead of making a resolution this year, go to The Zen In You for more information.


miruspeg said...

Now that is one beautiful photo of the two men (boy and man) in your life.
Your taste buds are certainly in for a treat.....I can just see your smiling face now preparing the delicious meals.

carrhop said...

So glad your honey is home!!! Yea!!!!

Love your word and am excited to see how you walk it out!


MJ said...

I'm doing a happy dance for you! Hurrah!! Welcome home dh! (Now run and hide his passport!)

Roban said...

Your post and the song that's playing have brought tears to my eyes! I'm so happy for you! The rhythm of your life is changing...


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