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Be Happy Anyway
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Unfurling My Ideas

Time to eliminate the things that are holding me back.

Let's start on the artistic front. I was talking to a friend on the phone the other day. I was telling him about my creative endeavours. He asked if I would send him a sample of what I have been doing. I laughed because my friend is interested in clean lines, modern Scandinavian furniture and somewhat masculine art. The only curves you will really find are of nudes hanging on his wall. I explained that I have only been drawing flowers and cutesy things. He agreed that cutesy was not his thing. But the conversation got me to thinking. Why can't I draw other subjects?

So I got out a notepad and started drawing curved lines. (I hate drawing really bad work in my sketchbook.) I tried several times and then realized I needed to switch from pen to pencil if I was going to get the effect I wanted. After a little experimenting, I felt confident enough to pull out my pocket sketchbook. Here is the final result.

Much different from this work.

Just more note card/stationery ideas.

What do you do when you find you are doing the same thing over and over? How do you get out of the rut whether in your creativity or in life choices?

Today's Music Note: You are listening to The Style Council's "Ever Changing Mood." I don't know how I came across the song for the first time, but I remember participating in a music swap with some ladies I met at SISTV dot com which is no longer. Each of us was to compile a CD full of our favorite music to scrap to. This song made the cut. It's upbeat and definitely keeps me going. I use the CD now on long road trips.  


miruspeg said...

I like your sketch very much Annemarie. I am very sure you are able to paint, draw, sketch anything at all as you are an excellent artist......yes my friend you are an ARTIST!

As for getting out of ruts, that is a difficult one, but I know once I have made up my mind and start thinking and living in a new direction I am on the right track to getting out of that rut.

Peggy xxxxxxx

GG said...

I like your floral drawings and watercolors. I think you might have found your 'own style' already. Each artists have their own fingerprint that the world can identify with. Onces you are in your element/media/style, you will know it and be comfortable and free and find that you are actually at play when you are working.

Adriann said...

I'm a fan of your stationary series. I saw then on Flickr. I'm new at sketching and haven't done enough to fall into a rut yet. The challenges over at Sketchbook Challenge seems to keep me busy.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and encouraging the doodling/zentangle. I'm off to check out your blog and add you to my blogroll.

MJ said...

Wow! Look at that sketch! I think it's time for you to venture into other gendres of art & stretch your wings!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Your sketch is beautiful and so are your stationery drawings! Beautiful work! As for getting out of a rut, sometimes I take an online workshop to get some new ideas.

Thanks for visiting my blog Anne Marie!

Thinkie said...

definitely different, I like but I also like the cutesy stuff ;-) I try not to get stuck in that rut, when I feel it coming on I try and do something else, or just bring something new into the game to avoid the rut. Sometimes all it takes is leaving it alone for a while.

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