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Be Happy Anyway
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Inspired By

So this month at Sketchbook Challenge the theme is Unfurled. When I first read it, all that came to mind were flags unfurling. I couldn't get my mind unwrapped from that idea. Then it hit me -- FLOWERS.

So here are my latest in my flower series. They are sort of "tulipy."

When I finished the three, I was then inspired to start a line of flower fairies based on those flowers. Here is the first one.

She is just a trial. There are things I don't like, but that is my self critic. It just means that I have to make more opportunities to make her better.

When you work on a project, whether it be art, or written, or whatever, how long do fiddle with it? When do you leave well enough alone?

Today's Music Note: You are listening to DANCE OF THE SUGARPLUM FAIRY from the Nutcracker. The Nutcracker is my all time favorite ballet. I loved when band directors would chose selections from The Nutcracker's score. It is usually associated with the Christmas season, but I couldn't find many other songs that were about fairies or flowers that had any significance. I have closed today's selection of music with a good ole Foundations' tune and threw Seal for good measure. Enjoy!)


Dion Dior said...

Gorgeous. Yes, great minds think alike....I love your unfurling flowers and your fairy. xx

MJ said...

I love your flowers! The colours are divine!

NaehVision said...

Wonderful pictures. Unfortunately I can not paint.

Marit said...

Oh wow Annemarie, your flowers are gorgeous! I love the fantasy-shapes and the bright colours! Fabulous! How long do I spend on a 'topic'? It depends... when I get tired of it, I stop. But I can always get back to it - and sometimes do...

miruspeg said...

Love your new header sketches Annemarie and the drawing in this post too.
It is lovely to see you enjoying drawing and painting again.
Peggy xxxxx

The Crochet Lady said...

Your Flower Fairy Looks Like You!

Thinkie said...

I really like these!
I just work on whatever I'm making until it feels right, unless I really really can't come up with a way of making it right even though I've left it alone for a while and came back to it.

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