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Be Happy Anyway
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Inkblot Challenge and Other Silliness

I found something new to do. It's the Inkblot Challenge. They gave the following inkblot as an inspiration. Readers of the blog then draw an image based on the inkblot.
Here is what I came up with:
While I had the black pens out I drew some cute little characters.

Earlier this month, I divided the back of my calendar journal into 30 squares. I decided to draw one letter of the alphabet in each square. Then I turned each letter into an object that begins with that letter (i.e. A-angel, B-butterfly.) Some letters were really hard to think of a picture, but I finally finished it. It was a joint effort between my daughter and myself. After drawing the object, I got out the water colors and worked on a few letters a day. It is finally done.

You might notice that my alphabet goes "L,M,O,P" It wasn't until near the end of drawing that I realized I had left out "N."

I have been busy drawing and painting and living. I will be back soon to share some of the other things I have going on.


letti said...

Those are so awesome :)

MJ said...

Go Annemarie! Love the art!

dthaase said...

a wonderful Inkling ~ so glad to have you with us!

Adriann said...

Love the characters! They have so much character. .:O I saw the inkblot and thought of a witch on a broom. Nice alphabets...that would be something I could do to teach my toddlers their abc's. TFS!

miruspeg said...

Your artwork is expanding in leaps and bounds Annemarie!
Love the alphabet letters.
Peggy xxxx
PS The Lion Sleeps Tonight is a great song.

Thinkie said...

That abc looks great!

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