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Be Happy Anyway
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Sunday, September 25, 2011


I know it's only September, but October is one week away. The city of Lee's Summit decided to welcome the autumn season in with an Oktoberfest celebration.

Although I am not a beer drinker, the festivities were not lost on me. My husband and I took the kids to the street fair, looked at the vendors, and of course ate some fair food. (Once again, the food pics were blurry.)

James - Enjoying a Funnel Cake

It seems the entire town had the same idea.

There were the usual jewelry and clothing vendors. I saw some very talented people. We came across a unique booth with an interesting tool that I bet you never knew you needed.
Can you figure out what it's for?? It's a paint can shaker. All you do is attach a standard drill to the back. It was the funniest thing I ever did see.

I also took a moment to snap some pics of the kids down at the old train depot.

Along the way I snapped some various points of interest and unique architecture.
 Window at the United Methodist Church
 Detail of the above capital
 The front door of a local catering hall
This caught my eye. That's one big spur.

Next weekend I think I will be back in Texas and the following weekend we will definitely be in North Carolina celebrating at my brother's wedding!! There will be a lot of driving in my future.

Fall is probably my favorite time of year because of weather and the clothes that I will get to wear. What is your favorite time year?

Today's Music Note: Playlist is currently running Lawrence Welk's "Champagne Polka." The Lawrence Welk Show could be seen on our tv each week. I don't think we missed a single episode. I see the show on sometimes and wonder why I liked it so much but times were different. You might want to click on over to the Mixpod player which has at the top of the playlist the "Oktoberfest Beer Drinking Song."


MJ said...

I love the Rusty Spur sign! The architectural details are lovely!

Looks like you had a lovely autumn day together as a family! Enjoy your upcoming driving!

Shan in Japan said...

We loved Lawrence Welk, too! And, now I think the same thing, why did we like it so much?

I know it is crazy but I love summer and the heat that goes with it. But, as autumn approaches, I am remembering how much I like it, too. When spring comes around each year and all of the beautiful flowers start blooming, I love it, too. I guess winter is the only season I don't love. But, I do enjoy a white Christmas:)

Thinkie said...

here in the Netherlands, the seasons have been mixing up, we had a summery spring and last week was summer too, but the summer felt more like autumn. I saw on tv that in the UK, plants are showing signs of spring. The only season that seems to be behaving like itself, still, is winter. It's my favorite, I just can't cope with cold anymore due to my ME and FM but I love snow and the freshness of the air.

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