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Be Happy Anyway
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Recap

The kids enjoy going fishing with their daddy. Gary used to take Caitlin quite often, but for some reason they hadn't gone in a long time. James had been begging to go since we moved to Missouri. We certainly live in the perfect place to do this, surrounded by numerous lakes and parks. When they go, I see that time as my quiet time. I get on the computer, I watch my shows, I paint and sometimes I get in the car and explore my town.

Saturday while wandering the historic district, I found a really cute diner called the Neighborhood Cafe.

I noticed there was a big cinnamon roll on the awning. When I sat down, I found out why. The first thing the friendly waitress asked me is, "Would you like a cinnamon roll?" It seemed such a strange question that all I could do was say, "Yes??" As I was waiting for her to return, I was reading the menu. It had the history of the restaurant written on the front cover. After ordering a club sandwich, I read the long story and found out that the restaurant was known for their cinnamon rolls. And for a good reason...they are yummy! AND they are only 50 cents!!! Everything else was reasonably priced, too. The food was substantial too as shown by my delicious sandwich and fries. I left the restaurant satisfied and ready to come back another day.

Then yesterday the kids wanted to play the Wii. It's fun to watch them work together and to play against each other. I was sitting upstairs and they had such a great time that the laughter rose upward and leaving my husband and me laughing at them. I love hearing them cheer each other on and giving each other praise. Don't get me wrong, it's not always perfect. Sometimes, one wants to play Mario Brothers while the other one wants to play Sonic. But all in all, they got along just fine.

While they played, I watched them from the couch sitting behind them with my sketchbooks, pens and paints. Usually I just doodle, but last night I noticed how straight Caitlin was sitting and decided to try my hand at drawing her.

I started to sketch they way my son was lying on the floor, but if anyone knows anything about 6 year-olds, you understand that he was not a static subject for very long. I will have to see if I can capture him in this mode again so I can finish it.

Today I had a clear calendar so I pulled out the sketchbook to try out my water colors. I have really been trying to get some vibrant colors as I have seen others obtain. I finally got what I was looking for in these abstract pages.

They are sketched with Zig Millenium pens and painted with a watercolor pan set from Hobby Lobby. and highlighted with a Zig white paint pen, Gelly Roll white gel pens and a fine tipped gold pen.

Tomorrow, I get back on the road to meet the movers back in Texas. I don't look forward to the drive, but I am glad to be getting this part of the move over with. I will see you around when I get back.


MJ said...

Lovely artwork! Have a safe trip & we'll see you soon!

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

you always amaze me with your water color works :) beautiful..


Eva Helen said...

Kjære, for en club sandwich!! Ingenting likt den her..
Kafeen høres ut som et nydelig sted!

Du er rikgig flink til å male, og tegne.

Fantastiske farger, du bruker!

Marit said...

I hope you had a save drive, and wow, your sketching keeps getting better and better! LOVE how you captured Caitlin's 'pose' (can't find the right word, and the translation site won't load... you know what I mean don't you?!) I would love to go for a diner like that with you! Maybe one day?

GG said...

Too bad I am allergic to cinnamon. Love your abstract art and color combinations. Very nice. Have a safe trip on the road.

miruspeg said...

Perfect song for this post Annemarie (my grandmother loved Petula Clark).
Wonderful diverse post my friend, just like the "old days"!
You sound like you are in a good space my friend and your creativity is shining through.
Keep shining!
Peggy xxxxx

PS Suzanne Vega just came of my favourite singers!

Hilde Iren said...

love your painings Annemarie!
wish you a sweet saturday :)

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