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Be Happy Anyway
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Doodle A Day

In January, I decided that my word for the year would be creativity. I have done a good job of keeping up with it, too.

Last month, I decided to draw a face a day. I enjoyed that, but decided that I had enough of faces. So, I was reading Julie's blog, Balzer Designs: Art Journal Everyday when I saw a guest post from Carolyn Brady. She had a method of filling an art journal page by tangling a little each day. I decided to use that on the back of my calendar journal pages. I call it "A Doodle A Day."

Here are the most recent entries.1. Dentilles; 2. Finish Line; 3. Polish Pottery

4. Oobleck; 5. Mum's the Word; 6. Swiss Cheese

7. Fishnet Stockings; 8. Walk This Way; 9. Secret Garden

Similarly to Carolyn, I drew a grid on my page - a total of 30 squares (6X5.) Everyday, I get out the Millennium fine points from Zig and place one pattern in a square. Now, Carolyn colored hers but I am a strictly black & white girl.

I have some more water color pages done. I will try to upload them up this week.


Orange Pulps ♥ said...

I could see how inclined you are to doodling...I hope I can make one soon, too.

Btw, they're great! :)

Eva Helen said...

Så utrolig mange nydelige ruter!
Jeg likte spesielt "secret garden".

Du er så flink :).

- Eva Helen

GG said...

love your are dedicated

MJ said...

Wow! Good for you! The only thing I've managed to do for the last month on a consistent basis is eat, sleep, etc reasonably consistently! Keep up the effort!

Roban said...

These are so interesting. So, do you add just one block of design a day, which would take a month to complete one picture? It's late as I write, so I may just be sleep-confused.

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