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Be Happy Anyway
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hey? What's Goin' On?

How are things in your neck of the woods?

Out here in Missouri, I continue with my daily routine of job seeking, mom taxi and homemaking. The last one is my favorite. I really thought that is would be what I was doing when we got here, but life got involved and now ... well, you've heard me go on about looking for a job so let's move on to the good stuff.

Caitlin is going to be in high school this year. We are trying to find a good fit for a dance school. We miss the old one from back home. She registered for classes at school and one of them is band. Even though she goes to a freshman center, she will be participating in the high school marching band. And let me tell you, they are intense. the handbook and the other paperwork they sent home made some good evening reading. Between homework, dance and band, she will be one busy girl. Fortunately, her course load isn't too intense. Next year, we may have to decide which one to give up.

In between the registering and busy work of getting ready for school, I have been exceptionally dedicated to the task of cooking every night AND making sure the dishes get done.

Last night's meal was pizza. I made the kids pepperoni while Gary and I had barbecue chicken pizza.

I started with my favorite pizza dough from Betty Crocker. I bought two, but I made sure to mix them separately so I didn't mess up the proportions.

I spread out the dough on two different pans.

I used barbecue sauce on one and Pizza Quick sauce from Ragu on the other.

On the first pizza, I used precooked chicken that I got at the grocer around the corner. They sell smoked/barbecued chicken breasts. I also added cheese and red and green bell peppers. On the second, I only used pepperoni and cheese because my youngest is so picky.

I placed them in a 450°F (230°C) preheated oven.

Now I suggest if you are working with an unfamiliar oven as I am, get yourself an oven thermometer. The second thing that is a must in any well run kitchen is a TIMER!!! I don't have one in my husband's "bachelor-type" apartment, so I made do with checking what time it was on my phone (yep, there are no clocks in this house either) and telling myself I was capable of checking the clock from time to time to ensure I didn't burn the pizzas.

Obviously, I wasn't capable. Thus there are no final pictures. The pizzas weren't pretty, but tasted okay. Next time I make them, I will get a timer and an oven thermometer. :-)

My goal this week before school starts is to find a job and, on the fun side, keep my camera nearby at all times so that I have something to blog about. I miss this blog. See ya'.


MJ said...

Your post made me smile! No doubt most of your kitchenware is caught somewhere in a box or 2! You are such a good sport to try to bake without a timer! I admired that you were able to be somewhat adventuresome in making barbeque chicken pizza ~ my dh insists on homemade pizza with tomato sauce and cheese only. As I mentioned, you & your dh are adventuresome!

Good luck on the job front! Perhaps you might be able to substitute teach? It'll be interesting to see where your future lies!

miruspeg said...

Thanks for the update Annemarie. Sorry the pizzas didn't turn out as planned but you were working under tough conditions.
Good luck on the job front my friend.
Big hugs
Peggy xxxx

Marit said...

I do have a kitchen timer, but still I manage to mess up the food! Ha, your pizza's look outstanding! You're a great multi-tasker too, doing all those things you describe. Hope you 'settle down' with all the needed stuff around you soon, and good luck job hunting!!

GG said...

The chicken looks good though.... if you didn't say anything, I thought they looked yummy. Very brave of you to make your own pizza. I have never tried it but always thought about it ... :) Good Luck on your job hunt and take care of yourself.

Thinkie said...

My cellphone is pretty much an antique but it has a timer, I use it for cooking when we're on vacation.
I often make my own pizza's, and am planning one with cheddar, goats cheese, hazelnuts and pear tomorrow because we have a guest for dinner to have a little early celebration for Maarten's birthday.
I think my oven is the thing I will miss most when we move out of here, we use is several times a week.
I really hope you'll find a great job!

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