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Be Happy Anyway
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life on the Road

If you have been following me for any amount of time, you will remember that I had been waiting patiently anxiously for the movers to come pack my things and bring my household goods to Missouri.

Well, that time finally came! However, it did require me to drive back and forth between my new home and my old home several times. Driving alone for eleven hours on empty roads gives the mind a lot of time to wander. I looked at the landscape and the surrounding architecture and wondered about the history of the place. I saw occasional passing cars and became curious about who the drivers are and where they were going.

It took a lot of caffeine to keep me focused.On the way back to Missouri for what I thought was the final time (more about that later*,) I was surprised by how clear the interstate seemed. I made the mistake of saying it aloud to my mom on the phone. At the exact moment that I exited that highway for the next one, I came to a standstill. Now, my first reaction was "Oh, no!" Then I took the situation as an opportunity, an opportunity to take pictures of the things I usually see along the way but can't stop because of the

First I snapped a quick shot of the Dallas skyline. Then I spotted this strange building that always confuses me. Are they putting it up, or tearing it down? It looks like it has been shrink wrapped and the wrapping is slowly sinking. I don't know what it's going to be. Hopefully it will be completed the next time I have to pass it.
This was about the place that I found out that this highway had been closed and all traffic was being diverted through downtown Dallas. Now in this time of Google Maps, this can be upsetting to a person who doesn't have GPS, especially when there are no detour signs posted anywhere. Like a lemming, I just followed the people in front of me which seemed to be working until I got held back by a stoplight where I saw this church. The rest of the crew went ahead leaving me with no one to follow. Additionally, this left me as the "leader." Ha! If only the lemmings behind me knew what they were in for. I decided that the road I was on was "somewhat" parallel to the original highway and went for it. I drove until I came to a strange intersection that wasn't a typical meeting of two streets nor was it a traffic circle (I learned about those in Norway.) Instead if you wanted to continue straight, you had to turn right and get on another street and turn left. It was basically a broken traffic circle. (Does that make it a traffic triangle or trapezoid?) Fortunately, I saw the beautiful blue glow of an interstate sign and made my way back on track. I was quite relieved to be on my way.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. My favorite part of the trip is driving on the Will Rogers Turnpike. This is for two reasons. First is because you get to drive 75 miles per hour (120kph) almost the entire way. The second great thing about it is you get to drive under a McDonald's.

The kids and I thought this was cool, but my husband was not impressed. He said he grew up with it.

*Okay, it's later. :-) I have to go back to Texas again this weekend. This time I am dragging the whole crew. We are going to clean the house, pick up the little bits and pieces that I didn't want to pack and hopefully get a little paint down to cover up little one's finger prints. Oh yeah, and rip out the carpet. We will see how that all goes.

What do you do to pass the time when driving long distances? I would love to hear.


Thinkie said...

Are you saying there are no round-abouts in the US?! There are endless amounts of them here in the Netherlands.
We probably have a different understanding of long distances here ;-) Many Dutches drive to France or Italy for their summer holiday, or to the Alpes for skiing. We only made it to Luxemburg, and some adjoining parts of Germany and Belgium. Our best friend lives about two hours away by car, that's our usual 'long distance' drive. We bring a cd (and if we forget we play my mum's gothic rock cd's that she keeps in the car, we don't have a car of our own but sometimes borrow hers) and sometimes I kick off my shoes and put them on the dashboard. Water and sometimes a snack on hand. I just doze or watch the pastures and nature reserve we pass, I'm only a pasenger since I don't have a drivers license. We often take a walk somewhere along the way.

MJ said...

We have few round-abouts here.

When driving long distances by myself, I have a coffee, something to chew (ie: licorice!), and music. Lots of music. The kind to sing to. I'm not a driver (as I'm prone to napping) so I gotta keep actively alert!

Happy end-of-moving!

Andre Rodriguez said...

I tell you what I DON'T on a long road trip: take a picture with my camera phone with one hand while holding a beverage in the other WHILE driving 70 mph (I'll give you 70... with parallax error it's probably closer to 75) down the highway! Be careful sister. Consider yourself fussed at.

Sorry you have to drive back again, but at least you'll have company this time.

Marit said...

Eleven hours of driving would take me to, uhmmmm, Portugal? Marocco??? Thinkie pointed it out already - Holland is too small for 'long drives'. I think going to my parents is a 'long drive' (2 hours) and I play music in the car and sing along (if I'm alone, ONLY if I'm alone) or listen to the radio or talk to my beloved. My son usually puts on his earphones to listen to his own music... Good luck on your last trip dear one!

miruspeg said...

Its a good thing you like driving Annemarie and I am glad there aren't many/any roundabouts in the USA because you would probably roar right through them like you did in Norway....LOL.

It is strange being the "leader" who doesn't know where they are going...that made me laugh!

Music is my best friend when I am driving short distances or long distances and singing!

Take care on the road my friend and I hope all goes well with the clean up. Put some music on while you are cleaning, it helps.

Big hugs
Peg xxxxxx

Shan in Japan said...

I LOVE audio books! Driving from TX to SD when I lived there I didn't have cruise control so spent a lot of time practicing keeping an even pace and listening to my cassettes. But, now when I am in the US I go to the public library and check out as many audio books as they will allow and enjoy a good story while I drive.

Hope the weekend goes well for you!

Cozyflier said...

Hello Friend, I was thinking about you the other day wondering how the move was going! I've been away from the blog world!

I know that McDonald's quite well! I use to drive from Stillwater to Chicago all through college!! You need to take your kids into it. It use to be billed at the World's largest!

I was wondering like your brother about driving and taking pictures! I can't fuss because I have been known to do the same thing.

Although on this last 26 hour road trip to WDW, I had a designated texter and photo taker, but she wasn't a very good photo taker for me! Missed most of the shots I wanted! Oh well, we survived the the 52 hour (round trip) ordeal with 2 cars and 4 kids.

I only drink water, gave up caffeine 6 years ago. I grew up drinking Tab and Diet Rite Cola, if I can give up pop, anyone can give it up! I always stock the car with lots of treats for the kids but my favorite is Twizzlers and Swedish fish!

Hope you are getting the family settled in new surroundings.

Hugs to all,

littlemissattitude said...

I love road trips, and I'm a big jealous, since I haven't been on a real road trip since February. Just being on the road makes me happy. Yeah, I know, I'm weird.

Anyway, what you describe in your post during your detour through Dallas is called "taking the scenic route". It has been my experience that taking the scenic route is usually more rewarding than it is an inconvenience.


P.S. I really am enjoying the music you have up.

lisasdream said...

Sounds like a big road trip! Glad you had lots of coffee to keep you going! I like to travel on the road with a GPS! As I dont have much luck with just driving and hoping that I oould find the way :)

Amazing picutres - love the church.

Moving takes time! And moving home takes too much cleaning :)


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