Be Happy Anyway

Be Happy Anyway
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just One of Those Mornings

I just had to stop in and tell you why I am feeling grateful this morning.

This week is my week to pull hall duty where I have to be at work before 7 a.m. to be at my spot on time. This means getting my son up earlier and having things laid out the day before and so on. However, I didn't pack his backpack until this morning. On the bright side, my husband was here to take up some of the slack.

As I was running around doing my last minute checks, I opened my son's backpack to ensure his homework was there. I couldn't find the binder. My husband said it was there so I opened another pocket of the pack. Sure enough it was there. I quickly put it in the pocket I normally use for his things and went to zip the bag when I felt something wet. (Mind you, I am doing all of this in semidarkness.) I flip on a light and lo and behold, there is something wet and brown on my hand. The mind always shifts to the lowest common denominator so you can imagine what I was thinking. I immediately called my husband to deal with it while I ran to wash my hands. After some investigating, he found a lunch sack with an open pudding my son obviously saved from lunch the day before. It had soaked through the lunch bag and settled in the bottom of the backpack. Fortunately, I had a spare backpack for him or he would have been bringing his things to school in a grocery bag.

So far this doesn't sound like a grateful list. Does it? But I can now show you where gratitude comes in:
  • My husband is home which means he wakes and dresses my son.
  • I am going to work at 7 a.m. which means I get off at 3 p.m. instead of 3:15.
  • I have electricity to turn on lights.
  • The brown stuff turned out to be pudding.
  • My husband cleaned up the mess.
  • I had a spare backpack.
  • I have you bloggy friends to share this story with.
So what are you grateful for today?

Oh and on the topic of messes...Where was this cool spoon (called a Boon) when my kids were babies?

(click on the picture for more information)
You fill the handle with baby food...OR PUDDING... and squeeze a little into the spoon. That would have been a cool tool.


Cozyflier said...

Oh Annemarie, my dear friend, I'm sorry for your morning. I hate mornings!

Bless your hubby for being home and to get you through Monday morning! I hope the rest of the week is easier.

Looking at the glass half full is better than half empty. Keep up the positive attitude.


Anonymous said...

I am grateful for blogfriends who share funny stories like you!

MJ said...

I admit to holding my breath when I read about the brown goo and then the sign of relief when it was merely pudding. My kids have been known to do something similar!

GG said...

LOL...thanks for the pudding story. I am grateful for blogger friends like you eventhough we have never met.

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