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Be Happy Anyway
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Following the Plan

On Art Journal Everyday, Julie posted a 7 day plan that would have you at the art journal for about 10 minutes each day. That's not how I usually work. I store up all my energy and find one day just to pour everything into my journals. This is why I don't usually get much done in my art journals. I rarely have that much time on my hands. This week I decided to follow the plan. It was fun. I have posted most of them and have two days left to show you.

Day 6 she said to journal on notebook paper like you were back in high school. I decided to pull out my old doodle friends, frogs, worms, dogs, elephants, rabbits, rainbows and flowers.

Day 7 she said to cut out a favorite piece from the day before to paste in the journal

and use it to doodle around.

I had a vision of wallpaper in my head.

Below are the rest of the pics from our Snow Day. The snow is all gone now except on my front sidewalk which never sees the light of day in winter.


MJ said...

James must be so disappointed that the snow is gone. Send him north for more!

Continue doodling! I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

I, too, was working following the plan Julie provided... and after three days, I started hating my page! I hardly looked at the plan anymore, decided it was MY page and now it turned out into something I love. How are you thinking about your pages 'following plan?'. Does it work for you in the end? I do like your doodles! Oh, and I like your drawing in the former post too!

Cozyflier said...

to be so talented! You are lucky!

Love it!

We are getting snow now!

Jeanet said...

This is beautiful! I love your doodling Annemarie! Beautiful photo's of the snow!

milkcan said...

So gorgeous! I love it! (And Marit, you are so right -- it's your page and your plan in the end!)

Kirsten Alicia said...

Fab doodling!!

Thinkie said...

Cute doodles! I think you can guess which is my favorite ;-)

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