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Be Happy Anyway
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fortunately, Unfortunately

Fortunately, I have today off. Unfortunately, it is because James is sick. Fortunately, he is feeling better. Unfortunately, he had to endure two miserable days. Fortunately, my mother was able to watch him while I tried to make an appointment. Unfortunately, EVERYONE in central Texas was sick, and there were no appointments available. Fortunately, there was a waiting list. Unfortunately, they never called. Fortunately, I had made an appointment just in case they never called. Unfortunately, James had to suffer through two days of a fever of 102-103F (39C.) Fortunately, the doctor ended up giving him a prescription. Unfortunately, she wanted him to get a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia first. Fortunately, it wasn't pneumonia. Unfortunately, the doctor said take the medicine anyway. Fortunately, it was only a 5 day prescription. Unfortunately, James threw up the first dose. Fortunately, he woke up feeling better, so now I am home with a little boy who is enjoying watching cartoons, and I get to play on the computer, draw and do laundry. ( Or should that last one be UNFORTUNATELY?) :-)

This month's Sketchbook Challenge theme is "Opposites." I did a little brainstorm with this page:

When I started writing today's post, I realized that it fit well into this month's theme.
So does this:

I also have been following Art Journal Everyday. Julie shared a weekly plan. This page is based on drawing squares or rectangles and doodling in each square.

I am glad I am home. How often do you just get to sit around in your jammies on a work day?


MJ said...

Poor James! I hope he is feeling well soon before you have the unfortunate inkling of having to do more laundry!

Anonymous said...

Doing laundry is fortunately - cleaning the bathroom is unfortunately (I'm clear on that!) Love your doodling... I haven't journaled (or been creative for that matter) in a few days and I miss it! I'm afraid I will get rusty when I don't start soon - I hope to find time today to do some doodling too, or at least play around in a journal for 5 minutes... have to stop by at 'art journal every day' to look at the challenges again - I forgot even that! I hope your son gets well very soon, but I do wish you more pyjama days!

trish said...

Such and enjoyable read! Thanks for sharing!

Roban said...

I guess that proves there's always a bright side...? I'm glad James is feeling better. There's nothing worse than having a sick child and high fevers scare me.

Great doodles, by the way!

Cozyflier said...

Sorry James wasn't feeling well. Hope he is on the mend.

When I was a little girl there was a book with the title "Fortunately Unfortunately" I still have it buried away somewhere! Funny thing, when my 23 yr old was in 1st grade, it was in his reading book!

So, your title caught my eye :-)

Have a great weekend.

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