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Be Happy Anyway
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Who's That Girl??

I had this afternoon off because I was going to take James to the doctor, but when I called the doctor's office, the receptionist said she was double booked all day because another provider was out of the office for the day. I ended up taking James home anyway since I had a substitute ordered. So I went home and relaxed and pulled out one of my sketchbooks.

I warmed up with some zentangling and then dared to draw some faces with marker. There's no taking back marker. The first one is okay.

The second is just a base. I think I will leave it to scan when the computer is up and running and then try different styles of hair on her. I really like this one. I can envision her many ways. I can't wait to work with her. Wouldn't it make a good stamp?

On to other things...

You know what's interesting?? I really don't have much to say. I have never been one to be short of words, but lately my brain is so busy with work and the kids that it doesn't have the time to wander like it used to. I miss that. I don't know how to get my brain back to that point either. How do I let go of unimportant things and free up some brain cells for silliness, for observations and all the things that this blog was meant for??

I'm not sure, but that's on the agenda.


MJ said...

We really like the heart-shaped zentangling! You have a way with design!

Anonymous said...

Your faces are marvelous! And with a marker too... wow! I don't dare doing that - I need to practice with a pencil more!

Roban said...

Those hearts are incredible. I so love that zentangle. And yes, the face would be a great rubber stamp. I would enjoy putting that to use.

and the whole blog, thinking, writing, thing? I'm totally with you on that. I think that's why I was away so much this time last year. My brain is a zentangle, but not nearly as clear and pretty as your zens.

Thinkie said...

nice to see more of your drawings! maybe putting yourself in a new environment might help, like walking in a neighbourhood you didn't already know, or doing somthing new?

Jeanet said...

I love your zentangling Annemarie! And the faces are beautiful!
I know what you mean on the wandering, I tend to always turn it around, when I'm wandering, I should be doing (at least thinking) the unimportant stuff and that goes the other way around too, get the picture? WE woman are so difficult sometimes..or would that be most of the time ;)LOL!

Anonymous said...

your zentangle is great. i love the hearts. wow. i always sketch faces in pencil and i have to erase A LOT!
i wish i had some advice for you on how to let loose and "silly up" a little bit. i need to do the same and i can't figure it out either. let me know if you do. i'd like to know the secret!

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