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Be Happy Anyway
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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge

The challenge is up at Sketchbook Challenge (There's a blinky over on the right somewhere.)...I think I will get started. The question becomes, "What book will I work in?" Here's a video of some of my books.


Roban said...

I'm impressed with your artwork and intrigued by the black and white designs that are so intricate and detailed. Do you just create your design as you go?

McMGrad89 said...

Thanks, Roban. Yes, I never know where the black and white ones are going to go. The last one is my favorite.

MJ said...

You doodle so well! I particularly liked seeing the black & white designs! Stunning!

thekathrynwheel said...

Hi there Anne-Marie. Thanks for joining the calendar challenge, delighted to have you on board:-) Look forward to seeing your creations throughout the year. Happy new year! Kate x

Thinkie said...

A vlog, how cool! Thanks for showing a peek into your journals, one of my goals is to draw more!

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