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Be Happy Anyway
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Creative with Food

Another way I want to be creative is with the food I prepare for my kids.

For years I fed my kids to keep them fed with no mind to what how interesting it was. Convenience was key because of our hectic schedules. I began missing when I would cook creatively, so I am looking to add that spark back into my food while keeping meals simple.

A few weeks ago, I used Betty Crocker's pizza dough mix to make pizza with the kids, but something went wrong and it was too crispy, the reduced fat pepperoni dried up and in the end no one was happy. I had bought two packages of the dough mix and only used one, and since the first go round didn't work, I had to get creative.

I mixed the dough as the package directed, split the dough into four balls and then spread the balls into circles about 5-6 inches across. I spooned some pizza sauce onto the dough, keeping it away from the edges and then added the cheese and pepperoni. I folded over the dough and sealed it with a fork and brushed it with an egg wash. I baked it at 450F (?) for 10 minutes and let it sit for 10 minutes so we didn't burn our tongues.

They came out great. The funny thing is, the kids will both eat store bought, microwave pizza pockets, but when James saw these he started whining. I told him he didn't have to eat them and that Caitlin and I would eat them, but he had to sit at the table with us while we ate. Suddenly, he was eating it and wanting more. Funny kid.


Roban said...

These really do look good. Can you bake up another batch and send them on over? (It's a snow day here.... whoo hoo!)

GG said...

This looks yummy.....I have made mine with chicken curry or roast pork stuffing and they were good too.

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