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Be Happy Anyway
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Friday, October 15, 2010

I Am

Today is reading buddy day where my class meets with a second grade group of students to read or do other activities. I have been buddies with this class's teacher for awhile now and it has worked famously. This year is different because the ability of the class I am teaching. Her class is actually more advanced than my fourth graders. So we are always looking for something creative to do that they all can do.

Today we are writing poetry. It is a fill in the blank type of thing and fun to do. It's designed to be about yourself, but I thought it would be fun to do something with a fall theme. Here is my example for the I Am poems.


I am round and funny.
I wonder what will happen to me after Halloween.
I hear werewolves howling.
I see goblins running from door to door.
I want to be able to run with them.
I am a Jack’o’lantern

I pretend that I am someone important.
I feel like I could rule the world.
I touch the hearts of people with my funny face.
I worry that some might be scared of me.
I cry because I will only be around for a short time.
I am a Jack’o’lantern.

I understand why I am only here for a short while.
I say nothing because I am not real.
I dream that I could live forever.
I try to make people smile.
I hope someone will take my picture so I can be remembered.
I am a Jack’o’lantern.

By Annemarie Victory (2010)


MJ said...

Wow, your poem swung me back to childhood where I likely thought of what it was like to be a jack 'o lantern!

miruspeg said...

Excellent poem Annemarie.
I enjoyed reading about Halloween and Jack O'Lantern as not many people celebrate Halloween in Australia and you visually set the scene beautifully.
Peg xxxx

Jeanet said...

I love that project of buddy day, they do that on Levi's school also, where older students help the little ones!Levi feels so proud of that ;)
LOVE your poem!So creative!Hope the kids make wonderful poems!

Anonymous said...

Never heard of Jack '0'Lantern but I love your poem!!! My mum (she's a writer) teaches poetry workshops to schoolkids sometimes and she loves it! I'm sure your day will be fun too!

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