Be Happy Anyway

Be Happy Anyway
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Friday, October 22, 2010

Dance Like No One Is Watching...

...even when they are.

This guy Blaine Hogan is something else! You have to see this and tell me that it doesn't make you smile.


It all started here...Yep... even more smiles.

Happy Friday Dance Party #1 from blaine hogan on Vimeo.

We should all feel so free to dance like this no matter what. In the morning, I turn on my play list and make James breakfast. While he is eating I dance around the house. I wouldn't mind showing you the's the messy house I don't want to share on the internet. :-)

So tomorrow morning (or this morning if you are early morning blog reader) while waiting for your eggs to boil or your coffee/tea to brew, break out the tunes and have a little or a lotta fun. I will.

PS - Please, go on over and share some love with this Blaine here or here where I found the videos.


MJ said...

As I watched the videos, I contemplated how often I danced like crazy in the privacy of my home, fully of the belief that if I danced like crazy in public I would be made fun of by others. My how the internet has changed us! This wouldn't even make America's Funniest Videos!

Thinkie said...

I sometimes dance along when there's music on. In Dutch we have the word 'huppelen', I can't think of a good translation into English, skipping while walking comes close to it but it's a little bit like dancing too. Kids sometimes do it. I sometimes feel like doing that when I'm excited to be in a fun museum. I don't do such things in public when I'm on my own but I don't care if I have company :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm more the "huppel" type too.. but I used to dance a lot... I was the "queen of the dancefloor" but I had to be in the mood... I still love ballroom dancing (although my beloved don't know how to do it... which reminds me, I should give my former dance partner a call and go out dancing sometime soon...!)

Jeanet said...

Love it, makes me happy and smile!
I dance a lot, funy and goofy dancing, with my son and at it! Though I'm not a great dancer, but that's the most fun of it!
Thanks for sharing Annemarie!

Peggy said...

This definitely made me smile! haha, I dance around like that a lot too, especially when I'm cleaning the house. I even have a "cleaning" playlist, and you should see me dancing while cleaning the house ... or maybe it's better you didn't LOL!!!
xxx Peggy

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