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Thursday, March 4, 2010

How Cool Is This?

How do they know? How do they do it? What am I talking about?

Well, this morning I stumbled upon a neat online music station called Jango that is playing so many of my favorite songs.

How'd I find it? I was looking for some lyrics for "Kick" by INXS and there was a player button at the top of the page so I clicked - something I would rarely do because of viruses. Fortunately, I was greeted by It reminds me of, which is no longer available to my international friends. Jango allows me to pick a band like INXS and then it starts pulling other performers from the same genre and makes a "radio station" for me to listen to during the day - well not school days. I can add other groups to the list or I can make another station based on other genres.

I have been sitting here listening to INXS, Midnight Oil, The Power Station (Bang a gong), Duran Duran, and eww Culture Club (I could do without Karma Chameleon) and so on.

It seems like a nice way to get some music to play in the background when I am working online. Will it replace my Playlist? No, I have gathered too many fun songs on there and I don't feel like taking the time to rebuild it on an international friendly site. (Sorry Peggy, et al.)

Check it out. If you are looking for my Jango playlist, I'm McMGrad89 and my current list is titled MommyVictory's INXS etc. It looks like internationals can use it as I saw a guy from the Netherlands on there.

Happy music listening.


MJ said...

Now that you mention it, I don't see your playlist & I don't think I've heard it in a while. Drat. International means outside the USA.

miruspeg said...

OH Annemarie if I say pretty please will you add Jango to your blog??
Joseph says this to me now when he wants something....."Please Pegs I'll be your best friend"

I will check out Jango latest this weekend as I am off to the movies now to see "The Blind Side" starring Sandra Bullock.

Take care mate
Peggy xxxx

Thinkie said...

O boy, now you got Boy George singing in my head!
I don't like radio, even when I find a station that plays my favorite genre, rock, there are still way too many songs on that I don't like, I rather put on a cd or some MP3's. But for now I'm enjoying blissfull silence, the neighbours have not been renovating this afternoon! :-)

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