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Be Happy Anyway
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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Story Time

It's been a long time since I told a proper "Annemarie" story so here is today's antics.

You see this dress. I love this dress. I got a deal on it. I think I have worn it once before. I like it because it's 100 degrees here today and still have to dress for my job as a Curriculum specialist at my school, so it's cool enough but long enough to cover the little shorts I wear under dresses. Why is this dress the center of my story?  Follow along my friends.

School starts at 7 a.m. We are 100% online and technology issues often arise, so I like to be on time to catch the help line. That means leaving close to 6:30. I was so proud of myself for getting out at 6:35 (I have a 15 year-old who likes to oversleep.) Backpack on, purse over my shoulder, coffee cup in one hand and water cup in the other. All items are being placed in the back seat when I find I can't remove my backpack. The tiny little hook is caught in the seam of the bag. Try as a I may, the hook won't come undone. At one point I looked like a dog chasing her tail. I finally found myself lying facedown in the back seat of the car, legs sticking out,  hoping to relieve the stress of the backpack on the tiny little hook. No such luck. I had to call my daughter outside. "Come out to the car. I need your help. I can't explain." Cryptic, I know.

Daughter comes out and unhooks me, laughing all the while.  I leave for work. I'm now cutting it close, but I slide in under the wire. That should be the end of the dress issues, but no. It continues.

The dress has a white liner. I have on black shorts. The liner is opaque enough to hide the shorts...EXCEPT...the liner spent the day riding up over my bum. I can't count how many times I had to find a way to pull it down without others seeing. If I had stayed in my office all day, I would have been fine, but that's not what my job is about. I had to drive to another office to pick up curriculum materials. I had no idea how many boxes awaited me. Four flat bed trollies later, my friend and I had them squeezed into the bed of the truck. All the while I'm pulling the liner back in place.

When we returned to campus I got the privilege of unloading the truck with my coworker. It's 100 degrees and we have been wearing a mask all day. One hand truck, one tiny flatbed, one massive shopping cart, hand truck, flatbed and so on until another coworker comes out to help. And what is that liner doing? You guessed it. The darn thing is up around my waist at this point and I've had it, but I can't go home because it is only two o'clock and I have two more meetings to attend. One of which I am leading. 

What's a girl to do? I led from my seat. I just couldn't bring myself to play that game for another hour.

I'm home now in my jammies trying to problem solve: Keep the dress and pay someone to make a better liner? Keep the dress, cut out the liner and buy a slip? Get rid of the dress? What would you do?


Armykulms said...

A slip won’t help pay somebody to make a new liner

Simply Stef said...

If you really love the dress, keep it and maybe give a slip a try. If the slip doesn't work out, pay someone to make a new liner. Let me know how it works out for you. :)

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