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Be Happy Anyway
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. I think I had been holding my breath for so long, I didn't even realize it. However, yesterday, I had two interviews at two different schools. They both went well, and I walked away saying I would be happy working at either school.

In order to attend these interviews, I had to take a couple of hours off of my job at a call center. If you have never worked at a call center, consider your self fortunate. If you condolences. Just let it be said that call center work is like working under the constant watch of prison guards...checking to see how long you have been off the phone without marking yourself available, monitoring if you have your cell phone out where people can see it, telling you that you cannot write, draw, do a puzzle or read a personal book when the calls are coming slowly. Instead they want you to be reading something called the KB (a complete database of every issue a caller could be calling about and how to handle it.) When you don't know how to handle a problem, you are asked, "Did you look it up in the KB?" making you feel like you just asked your mom where your skateboard is and she replies, "Where did you leave it?" or even better, asking how to spell a word and being told, "Look it up in the dictionary." If I knew where to look it up in the KB, I wouldn't be asking you now. Would I? Oh, and I forgot to tell you that they even monitor your restroom breaks. Jeez Louise!

I guess my biggest problem with working at a call center was that when I started, I wasn't very good at it. I am not used to being "not good" at something. This doesn't mean I am good at everything. It means I choose to do things I AM good at instead. Why should I put myself through such agony for something I am not interested in? Now teaching...teaching I am good at and that's where we get back to where this story started.

When I finished my interviews, I still had time before I needed to be on the phones at work. So I took advantage of the break away from the center and had some lunch. That's when the first call came offering me a position at interview number one. However, I had just left interview number two and really wanted to know if I was going to be chosen there. Fortunately, the HR person said that I was free to wait for their decision. I am sure glad I did; although, it was a difficult wait because of the call center environment and the "no cell phone" rules. Finally, though, I saw a blink of light come from phone letting me know I had a voice mail. Suddenly, I had to go to the restroom.

Under the cover of the bathroom, which by the way you aren't supposed to have phones there either, I listened to my voice mail. I then went to the break room where you are allowed to use your phone and called HR back. She said I had a choice to make: school #1 or #2. After weighing my options I chose the second one.


I will be working with fifth graders who have been kicked out of their previous school. This is an area I have been interested in exploring for a while. Now, I finally get my chance.

Some of you may still be wondering about the call center. Well, you won't believe what happened. By this point in my brief call center career, I am doing okay. My scores are above average on my calls (yes, they grade you.) I am no longer hating it, but I am trying to figure out how long I can stay working there because the hours are bad and my son is coming home this weekend. (Yay!) So I approach the floor supervisor and let her know that Friday will be my last day. She in turn says to me, "We need people who will be here during our fall rush, so today will be your last day." What??! She needs people to be here, so she is letting me go. Okay. I can't remember the last time I was told I couldn't work somewhere without there being some sort of funding cut involved. Unbelievable, but okay.

Just remember Call Center, I broke up with YOU!


Marit said...

Yooohooooo... CONGRATS my friend! Life seems to improve for you and you SO DESERVE IT!! I'm doing a happy dance for you today - singing "let the sunshine in, the suuuunshiiineiiiinnnn!!!"

Marius said...

quote "We need people who will be here during our fall rush, so today will be your last day." end quote

is that now 2000 years of civilization?

Good luck with your new job


Unknown said...

Im so happy it sorted out for you, working at the call center sounded terrible!

im a teacher too you know, and one year I worked with kids in the same situation as the one you are going to work with.
A lot of struggle, had to use all my creativity, but also so many great kids!

wish you the best!

GG said...

Congratulations. I am so happy for you. You must be so excited going back to teach again. When does school starts?
Good Luck and Blessings on your new job.

Roban said...

I'm so excited for you! I think you have a great opportunity to make a huge and longlasting impact on your students' lives. So, I'm excited for them, too!

And boo.hiss to the call center. Yeah, you broke up with them first.

Anonymous said...

Those were the exact words I've said a year ago when I left my call center job and chose to a be an elementary teacher instead... Teaching is my passion and I know I'm good at it no matter what...but guess what, after a year I'm thinking about leaving this job and going back to the call center industry...Maybe the life of teachers there in your country is really different here in the Philippines... Teachers here are overworked but underpaid...Aside from teaching we have floods of paper works mostly due to die (immediately), unlimited overtime(my schedule is from 6-2 but usually due to programs stays from 6-6,even Saturdays), lots of bosses (older co-teachers acting like principal asking you to do their jobs because they are older than you)and best of all, delayed salary almost every month... In call center, once your shift is finished, its done,,,u can spend all of your time with your family afterwards.No delays in salaries..I still love teaching but I guess it's not yet for me..

Hope you'll continue your career and your fate won't be like mine..

Sonia said...

This is why I have so much respect for those who work at call centers. There are so many stories online from people who have a hard time at their call center jobs, and I imagine irritable and irate customers don’t make that any easier at all. I applaud all those who thrive and achieve in their call center jobs because it’s a hard climb to the top. I also cannot blame anyone who chooses a different path after having worked at a call center because it’s not a job for everyone. I think it requires a very specific skill set. Congratulations on your new job, and good luck!

Sonia Roody

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