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Be Happy Anyway
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

No News Is Good News??

...Not always in the case of job interviews. As a seasoned job seeker, I have come to learn that if you have an interview and the interviewer says, "We will let you know by Friday after we have interviewed all the candidates, and they don't call on Friday," that generally it means -- We chose someone else, but we don't want to call you so you will probably be receiving a letter or email next week letting you know so and good luck. Why can't you just call and say "Thanks, but no thanks." Enough about that...On to something more interesting.

Today after dropping Caitlin off for another band competition, I went to Hobby Lobby to get two new sketchbooks. A big one for some art journaling and the like and a small purse sized one for trying out different techniques

My question for you today is, "Do you suffer New Sketchbook-itis?" What is New Sketchbook-itis? It is the disorder that makes you not want to make the first mark in a new sketchbook. I suffer from this. When I get a new book, I just have the hardest time touching the pen or paintbrush to the first page.

Here are my new books waiting to be christened.

They are calling to me, "Please dirty us up."

I'm coming children, you will no longer be pristine.


MJ said...

Love those new sketchbooks! You certainly have been using them lots & we'll look forward to seeing their contents ; )

Tricia Buice said...

I've been trying for more than 4 years to get a job at one agency. I've never gotten an interview! Congrats on making it that far. Hang in there!

miruspeg said...

Annemarie I bet you have christened your new sketchbook soon after you wrote this post!

Sending you mountains of light my friend to keep your spirits up regarding finding a job.
Peggy xxxx

Unknown said...

Me too!! I have my new sketchbooks - often for weeks - before I make the first line... they are so beautiful as they are :))

wish you tons of luck finding a new job!
Hilde Iren

Sparkleblue Faery said...

I agree completely about the job interviews! I only had one last summer and they gave me a window of 2 days when they would call. It was agony waiting to find out! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

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