Be Happy Anyway

Be Happy Anyway
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Matter of Perspective

Today, we had to drive an hour and half away find a pair of gold shorts for Caitlin's dance routine. She had a pair but lost them at the last competition.

James had to be dragged around with us and was very well behaved. He entertained us from the back seat.

First, he decided to make a paper airplane. I don't have a picture of it, but it looked a little like this:
Remember he is only 5.

Then, he said, "Now what is it?"Can you see it??? No?? It's a shark.

Finally, he showed me this:
Do you see it? Give a guess. It's a saw.

Later as we were winding our ways down the country roads, we encountered the usual dead skunk. We usually hold our breath until we think it is safe, but James came up with another solution. He hummed. Every time we came across a skunk he hummed. He hums one long note. Try it. Find an onion or something malodorous and hum while it is in front of your nose. See if you can smell it. I bet you can't because humming require that you exhale.



miruspeg said...

I hope our adventures in the car will be just as interesting Annemarie!
Fun post.
Peggy xxxx

Andre Rodriguez said...

My nephie is a genius.

MJ said...

Well done, James! I never thought of humming! What does he do for non-smelling road kill? I'll look forward to his reply!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful solution... humming instead of keeping your breath... that's so much nicer and happier! I'll try next time (although we haven't got skunks here... but we have other smelly things, thank you)

miruspeg said...

Guess what......I can hear your music on Playlist!
You got the music in la la. :D
Peggy xxxxx

Unknown said...

he sounds so sweet :)) I have a 7years old boy myself, love it when he philosophize about life and other things...
Here is something really norwegian for you to watch :)
Its a song for a norwegian tv-series called "himmelblå" I think the song is lovely!

Hilde Iren :)

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